Pls pls pk3

Can we please remove the server pk3 file. Only use for that is the building health bar and isn’t even need. I’d like to use some good huds kthx

As a fellow ckit and granger I use the build health bar for further analysis where the weak points in my base is. Where the greater impact zone is located and where the enemy is targeting. Please do not remove the pk3 file.


Is this actually the case? We’ll need clarification from someone who knows their shit.

That pk3 file provides the cgame and ui to the clients, it is essential for clients to function on the server, especially since the server is multiprotocol.

what the COCKFUCK is the server pk3 file ?


I believe he is referring to these:

server pk3 is data inside the computer that streams from your router to the monitor using the processor so that you can play tremulous using information thats deciphered by the gpu to enable blast processing of real-time gameplay using a server modification that injects itself into the match

trust me my dad works at grangerpub

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