[POLL] CPM Physics?

##Would you be for CPM physics to be added to Tremulous ?

First and foremost, what are CPM physics ?
CPM physics are physics taken from the famou Quake:CPM game which allow strafe and an easy bunny hop.

I discovered those some months ago after downloading back Warsow after 6 years and it was the most stunning gameplay discovery I had made for years, even changing my way of seeing movement IRL (true story). If you want to learn more about those, rtfm

Strafe and bunny hop make movements in any game a smooth and great experience, and make racing become a serious business thing. I love it.

test server implemented those, and many people seems against it. So I’m gonna make a poll about it, and point good and bad things about what implementing those physics do.

###Good points

  • Fun to use.
  • Makes racing/moving a greater experience.
  • New possibilities for mappers.
  • New possibilities for modders ?

###Bad points

  • Digs the hole between experienced players and newbies.
  • Turns Tremulous from Tremulous to QuakeCPM:Tremulous, as each elements becames a support for CPM physics to be used (example : goon charge + bunny hop).
    -Total change of state of mind, Tremulous now becomes a “jumping” game.
  • Destroys to me most of Tremulous’s spirit.

#Should CPM physics be included ?

  • Yes
  • Yes, with some little per-class adjustments
  • Yes, with great per-class adjustments
  • Yes, as a mod (non vanilla)
  • No
  • I don’t give a [spoiler]flock[/spoiler]

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If you have other points to state they can be added above.

I voted “Yes, with great per-class adjustments”. But something I need to point out is that we are only planning on including greatly modified CPMA physics in the Swirl Game Mode. Vanilla game mode, which would be the ported 1.1 vanilla game play, (along with the Chocolate Game Mode which is essentially gpp vanilla), would for the most part have convention Tremulous physics.

But, something that I think is good for all 3 1.3 Game Modes is a bunny hop that can be toggled. We already have this feature implemented on the test7341 server, to turn it on, just jump, and then before you land press and hold jump. Then you keep bunny hopping until you release.

The reason I think this toggled bunny hop should be included in all 3 game modes is that it adds convience, doesn’t drastically alter the game plays, you can still utilize all the conventional jumping techniques you might be familiar with by not turning on bunny hop, and it makes strafe jumping easier to achieve for less experienced players.

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You’re mixing up jumping and bunny hop.
Bunny hop is the completion to strafe which permits to gain speed while turning and turn while in air more easily than with air control (which btw makes you loose speed)

CPM physics is fun but it’d require rebalancing pretty much the whole game.

WRONG, but „automatic re-jumping” would have been a better term.

Talking about Medal of Honor physics, why not.
But you’ll agree that talking about CPM’s physics, using the word “bunny hop” here is a wrong usage, as said in your link.

I voted “Yes, with great per-class adjustments” because bunny hop was pretty interesting of physics and will re-create Tremulous logic and even have improve experiences. Also other functions/physics will giving me to see what’s new on it or going test it.


Secondly, I voted “No” because if that new mods and other physics will add into Tremulous, this is such a bad idea. I’ll put some few reasons for why I disagree it:

  1. It can randomly generate too much problems from those new functions or mods, I really don’t think this is not quite easy to do, unless you need to require more documents with codes and some advanced programmers to help you make a new project.

  2. Those experienced players will giving BIG pressure for newbies, like these new physics. I would not say “This is really a BAD mods of a big deal”, but I can say “This mods will going crazy, we need to focus about this before it was screwed up.”

  3. It can give newbies “no fair” or “not fair and square” like I said at number 2. Also they will lose control if they making conflict.

  4. From goons are quite strong, if these new mods added for goons, it will getting more powerful than humans. This will letting humans very difficult to kill 1 goon like Spitfire.

For my conclusion, we need to give some more balance of those whole game afaik. The more stable to use new mods, the more reliable of new Tremulous 1.3 for all players.

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CPMA physics needs each class’s air acceleration factor to be heavily tweaked. IMO it’s fun and should stay - but ultimately I think we should also provide other ways to move fast that don’t involve jumping.

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You really don’t know what CPM physics adjustments are from what you write.
Let me introduce you to the fabulous world of racing first : A journey? [df.] - YouTube

Then, let me explain you what adjustments mean : Adjusting CPM physics only means tweaking some values depending on the class. Wether adjustments are great or little only indicates the differences of value there will be between actual ones and those after adjustments. Which means dragoons won’t be abled to bunny hop as they actually do for example.

It won’t need any further development as the whole engine is already done.
It just needs people to want to do it. And I think adjustments are fucking easy to do (technically), but need testings.

1 : I don’t get why would it break things
2 : already stated in the first post
3 : same as 2 ? I don’t understand your english sometimes.
4 : you voted for great adjustments, so this is not the problem.

I think I should have only said “one vote”, people are saying contradictory things here :no_mouth:


I would not watch for whole an hour, but I watched some minutes and it’s pretty interesting of this game, this is fun. :slight_smile:

I know my reason is not enough powerful, my English always on moderate ratings, not so smart. BUT I’m still my own good on it with other friends from these people on GHub.


And… ummmm… I know your CPM physics are fantastic, but only I want to say is getting more balance towards Tremulous 1.3.

Your topics is quite reliable for me, and I have to say 1 sentence that came from Dr. Phil said: “You are not part of problem, and you are part of solutions.” :grimacing:


Yeah, polls can be tricky with the general public :slight_smile:

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