Proposal: Time Dretch

Time Dretch | 20 EVO

Exists 5 seconds in the past.

This is a dretch with a whole lot more durability which exists 5 seconds in the past. To the player it simply appears as if they are lagging, but with no effect on their ability to control the alien, as the server simply keeps a backlog of all in-game events and lets the dretch interact with the world as it was a few seconds ago. The humans only see a ghost-like image where the dretch was 5 seconds ago and have to predict where it will be after the next 5 to even hit it. When it bites a human, the human’s health history is retroactively altered. The game recomputes all the damage and healing the human has undergone during the next 5 seconds and if the human’s health reaches zero at any point, the human dies instantly in the present.


WIth server side demo support, and “true revert”, this could be very doable.

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How about time splitting dretches. They appear and disappear, anyone that has seen the TimeSplitters Franchise probably knows what I am talking about. A dretch like this would be lethal.