Proprietary companies are afraid of open-source... be prepared!

I now suspect that proprietary companies are mounting some kind of neuro-linguistic attacks against open-source developers, especially desktop operating systems and games; they’ve lost the battle for servers and supercomputers, so they really don’t want to lose desktops and gaming…

Their strategy seems to be to induce developers to not develop a keystone feature which is required for attracting users or add some annoying bug, while letting them to develop everything else normally, so any attempts to question why weren’t these features developed can be more easily brushed off with standard shaming-based tactics like explaining in great lengths how busy the developers are or even the usual “patches welcome”.

Unvanquished was evidently attacked and I’m sure Tremulous will be when it starts to improve its graphics, so be prepared! I don’t know at all how to defend against such attacks though…

Some examples:

  • Unvanquished, obviously.

  • Ubuntu once released a version with only 1 pixel wide window borders, back when invisible margins were not implemented yet.

  • The fact that distro-independent package managers were created so late and no influential Free Software advocacy organization seems to have voiced any concerns about the lack of them.

  • Conan C++ package manager: they have recently moved to another repository hosting company… The problem now is that its website only links to their moderated package repository (only 21 packages, infrequently updated) and its legacy repository (which will never be updated again), making it seem like it was abandoned when it’s not (see my issue; the response suggests that not all is hopeless).