Raising funds for GrangerHub!

ok so we need to brainstorm some ideas on how to raise funds and try to get some more donations coming towards grangerhub so we can setup some more servers and other cool stuff!!

my idea is to add in a special donators level with some fun, non-gameplay disrupting, non-abusive commands and stuff.


Lets steal from Reddit (because they steal from everyone else) and make GrangerGold

Pay $5 for a super special super awesome super useless GOLD ICON WOW :star2: to give to special people who will feel feel super special on certain user-created posts. Use the gold to chat on a section of the forums just for gold members that doesn’t actually do anything other than make them feel special. Isn’t that special? Super special.

Basically its a way to fund the site and superficially reward people on the forums without having the site to dedicated too many resources. You buy GrangerGold, you give it to a person/post/thread you particularly like and their epeen increases tenfold.

This idea has been kicking around for a while: http://tremulous.net/forum/index.php?topic=9806.0
Tremulous T-shirts!
I would pay money for one, and to judge by the replies to the above thread so would lots of other people.

This is not just cash for upgrades, either. Several people around here feel we should advertise, and T-shirts are a perfect way of doing so. Each shirt is like a billboard. This should work especially well around peers, who presumably are also gamers.

This idea has been discussed on Slack recently, and everyone involved thinks it’s a great idea. We should implement it!

– rlb

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I would buy one too!!

Granger/Ckit recolouring/skins. Alternate zapping/barbs (aliens) and flamer/pulse/lcannon (humans) projectile animation/color. Complete with a random skin/recolour chest.
Donator icon next to the player’s name in scores.

I think the game should regain popularity before even thinking to add these features in.

Yes please.

Also agree with needing more numbers.

Question: Will previous donations be honoured if a reward system is added in the future?

Any in-game “reward” for donation should be purely aesthetic, and so I like the idea of special skins and projectiles and such. And yes if we introduce any rewards like skins / badges / other stuff then I’d like to retroactively apply them to past donators. Small, regular donations will help ensure GrangerHub stays running and any larger donations should be recognized in other special ways.


And I know a few good visual mods out there.

Granger plushies actually sold really well for the unvanquished team, it’s a nice idea. I’d probably get one assuming it wasn’t insanely overpriced.

(Formerly called “Tremulous 2” until Timbo smacked them up a bit over stealing the name)

Oh yeah that’s right, it was Murnatan. My bad.

Limiting the Black and Gray colours in-game to those who donate $10 or more.

Adding some sort of title or icon next to the name(s) of people on forums if they donate $5.

Adding the names of people that donated to the motd / !cp display upon entering the server.

Reserve some sort of registry number to people who donate. For instance.

!admin test (-1 admin: Economical Granger Supporter) or something. With maybe a fun but not abusable CMD.

All of these perks are limited to the month that you donated, if you want to keep them you have to donate monthly the certain amount of money necessary to get said perks.

Some very nice ideas, besides the final one.

$10 a month seems extremely excessive, that’s 1/3 of the total server cost.

Just make those bonuses permanent. Any funds that go over the amount required for that month should roll over onto the next month.

$10 a month does seem like a lot…

The monthly cost of operations would go up (a bit) if we wanted to add more servers in more locations (like west coast), which is planned for some time in the near future.

Donations through NFO ($5 minimum) go into a coffer where they can be used to ensure costs are covered for the long term.

Any donations to my paypal (no minimum) will be used to purchase other paid components of the site (there’s a couple of things like Pro versions of plugins with extended features that would be extremely helpful).

I’m talking to a friend of mine who does silkscreen tshirt printing about a short run of GH swag that would be used to fund things as well.

Donate $ → Get points based on amount of $ → Spend $ on a skin shop & other extras (some permanent, some temporary)

I like this formula the most.

I don’t think colours should be limited (especially since there will probably be other colours than the 8 current ones in the future, atleast I and a lot of ppl hope so) to donators. Otherwise, make them cheap and have entire colour packs.

I think they should, the 7 default colors look nice and are what we’re used to. If people want more diverse colours they can donate a small amount, maybe $1.50 per color and they keep them monthly. I for one would definitely pay for that.

Making people pay for colours is going to end up like this: “ghub so money hungry fucks and pity lame abusing amdins”.

Make colour packs if you want to make them pay for colours…

That’s a very shitty way to make money though with all the options we are given. (Re-skinning/texturing/colouring models, modding sounds, etc.)

Out of all the things do-able on an open source game, you want to make people pay for colour codes in their names?

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but you mean in-game colors? this will make individual players distinguishable and therefore easier to chase and kill. it may introduce imbalance into the game. maybe those colors should not be visible to the opposite team?

Bring it on I say.