Random quirks in-game: space queen!

The space queen should pass laws that are mandatory for both humans and aliens. There should be a different set of 1 to 3 laws every day.

Example laws:

  • Budget Cut: -200 starting BP.
  • Controlled Airspace: flying drains credits and evos.
  • Life Tax: you lose 1 evo / 200 credits for surviving for 2 minutes straight instead of getting them.
  • Bomb Law: you lose credits and evos for splash damage.

as time in real life goes on, retarded laws accumulate, changing the STANDARD™ gamelogic?

At the beginning of each day the existing laws are repealed and another set of 1-3 laws is passed.

Because why the fuck not? Assume this is in Tremulous Strawberry™ so that people who are bored of plain old Tremulous Vanilla™ can play something retarded for a few hours.

Basically, once in awhile something strange happens that everyone in the game had to account for. However the big sticking point is that the things that happen can’t be overpowered or force everyone to do something drastically different. They’re basically “flavour” events to make the game more interesting, such as:

  • 1 out of 100 grangers spawned will become a “Super” Granger with 300HP, but also have a much fatter model/larger hitbox that moves slower
  • All human structures will suffer a “power outage” that lasts 10 seconds
  • Armoury will suddenly make the least used weapon in the match 70% cheaper for the next 3 minutes
  • The Overmind will temporarily allow the aliens to have an extra 25BP for the next 10 minutes
  • etc / (insert you idea here)

A random event can only happen once inbetween 15 minute intervals.

For any maps with outdoor areas, maybe bad weather could be simulated (heavy rain, wind, lightening) at times. For most all maps tho- solar storms and other bad space weather / radiation could cause randomness, also thing like ‘pollution’ or other environmental hazards.

well, now that i think of it: ind33d, variety is fun, and weirdness can be fun.

for example, on Amsterdam Unlimited, some of us admins used to poke some buildables (eg., rets) around, during the game, using TOP_SECRET™ commands.

however, i suspect — though i really don’t understand this — that some key reasons for why this thing was received as fun (as opposed to annoying/abusive), were:

  • it made little difference; and
  • the server population was largely composed of regulars, semi-friends, who played the game for the sake of mutual fun, and not for the feeling of defeating the unknown COCKTWIDDLERs on the other team.