Rare structure: wizard book!

Add a rare structure which is not always available, it should be a giant flying book which curses the aliens with random names. When you evolve, the names of the classes will be replaced (every class should have a unique set of possible names), the order will be randomized, and their costs hidden, so the players will have to guess which name means which alien.

For example: Ice, Beetle, Tiger, Gecko, Deer, Spider, Beaver, Stick, Valve, Glue, Orange.

The list of names should be regularly added to as well!


For my idea, I think these should use great name for suitable title. :wink:

Ice => Eise (alternate from German “Eis”)
Beetle => Scarabee (French word)
Tiger => “Tigro” or “Tigris”
Gecko => Gezard
Deer => Dora
Spider => Spinner (my idea for alternate from German “Spinne”)
Beaver => Biber (German word)


Sounds like TF2.

Just aliens? How would binding work? When if names are scrambled/changed then the name you want to evolve to is changed?



Since this flying book is meant to curse the aliens, I’m guessing it is a human structure (or some randomish map obstacle to the aliens, or could be a structure of some third playable team), so it would render alien evolve binds useless. It wouldn’t be as painful if we improved the ui enough where evolving with the ui wouldn’t be painful.