Rcz and Edge asset recreation

This thread is about model recreation from Rcz and Edge artwork, because there have been some request by players and developers lately. Both Rcz and Edge models cant or shouldn’t be reused because either they don’t fit the Tremulous theme very well (Rcz) or the authors didn’t grant permission (Edge).

If you want some structures or features be included, the first step is to create the artwork. Feel free to post your results in this thread. I start hereby with the boxes and blocks based on a request by Sparky and by myself of course.

The human boxes are using textures from Trak which are all normal mapped. The alien blocks reuse the hovel skin which is just plain image without any special effect.


If this link isn’t working try to enter the top-level address: http://nozl.000webhostapp.com


some more remade buildables from Edge.
Download here: https://gitlab.com/nozl/tacl

New contents so far for aliens:
infestation tree (pod)
infestation thicket
thorns (net spike)

New buildables for humans:
barrier block, barrier line, barrier corner
barrier wall (fence)
flame turret
ammo box (ammo supply)

Older boxes and blocks buildables are available on gitlab as well in the same folder (tacl).

If you don’t have the git command line tool, click on the download button near to the ‘find file’ button and then download zip. To activate those buildables on Yalt’s Edge you have to zip them, name them zzz-replacements.pk3 and put them into your Tremulous gpp folder so Edge loads this over the original artwork.