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Our target release date for the initial Tremulous 1.3 full release is:

Thursday April 27, 2017

GrangerHub has released the first alpha release of Tremulous 1.3 and will be spending the next several weeks fixing bugs, adding new core features, and preparing assets for the initial full release of the game!

As we approach the full release date, we will be making further preparations to the website to better support the community, and will begin actively promoting the game just prior to launch.

Once the initial release is published, you will be able to download a complete package of the game with our new game modes, new asset packages, and documentation.

Come check out a play preview and participate in the public testing of the latest 1.3 game logic and other server features on the test7341 server, follow the development of the launch and report any bugs you find over on our public issue tracker on, and stay up to date on the latest news over on the GrangerHub forums.

We invite you to participate in the discussions and development, grab the latest updates, and help us make Tremulous 1.3 an awesome success for the community!


Not beta version anymore? :confused:

@BillyRazOr2015 The goal is to have the full release version ready and publicly available on Thursday April 27, 2017 :slight_smile: .

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