<release> Endymion Beta 5

Finally after years i am releasing my map endymion.
For those who dont know, it is a semi-serious map, means its not exactly a lol map but it its not exactly designed for balanced gameplay either.

It is a bit prematurely released because netradiant almost ate it up, luckily a decompile was able to save it, so i got sacred and am releasing it now.
Always back up and be cautious of netradiant.
Plus it was a huge pain in the ass to make, radiant performs bad with organic looking terrain and such, so i got sick of it too.
It was tested in yesterdays test game, there are minor glitches, but nothing that should seriously affect gameplay.
Sparky already put it up, so you can call it on grangerpub.

Here it is, including some screenshots.endymion_b5
There are minor errors here and there, i might make another version but not before i release my remaining maps.

Credits go out to something, who made it originally and sex(xembie) for helping us and teaching us how to use radiant and keeping us motivated by keeping up F server (greets to all of the F survivors out there).
I hope this map will be as enjoyable on gh as it was on old F.


Good job code! :smiley:
But your link is dead… :frowning:

Good job there ^^
It looks great.

Just a heads up judging from screencapz, using light entities the way you did without any lamp makes it look unrealistic/ugly, either try smoothing them out so there isn’t an obvious ‘‘light circle’’ on the ground/ceiling, add (even fake) lamps or use actual light emitting shaders. That is especially on the screencap with the rocks and red light.