Remove a map

Me and sopian tried spmission-alpha1 and it turns out once you get to the final platform theres nothing else except a drop that respawns the player back to the start.

so basically this map is useless and should be deleted

WRONG. this map has the use of providing a single-player or cooperative game mode, and shouldn’t necessarily be deleted.

I’ve played spmission a bunch of times on other servers. It has been awhile, so I’m going to have to try it out very soon on GrangerPub to refresh my memory. Are you talking about the 1st area with the pit?

well basically the whole map is a pit,and theres no end to it

Removed as requested

spmission was removed, because it is an unfinished map and was not the mission map I was thinking of in this post: Map requests: remove mudkip_b1 and add mission_one_b7 - #2 by dGr8LookinSparky . I still need to find out the name of that map.