Remove e_bunker from rotation please

Please remove the e_bunker maps from rotation because they suck and most people will agree. Change map votes on these maps always pass.

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Please elaborate on the reasons you don’t like each of those two maps (in two separate critiques).

Sorry I didn’t mean Fort5 so ignore that.

E_Bunker has very poor base locations (especially alien) and the map is overall very dull to play on. The game is always full of jetcampers every single match and there is almost always a map change vote when the map is loaded (which normally passes) with the reason usually “this map”.
And at the start of every match humans always camp in front of the alien base and you can’t get out without dying because there are no decent hiding spots in the hallway, and the humans just sit in front with mass driver and blast their way to stage 3 and win with lucifer cannon in 6 minutes of gameplay. Not fun at all.

as much as i enjoy playing it sometimes i have to agree with truck. we should remove it from the rotation BUT keep it on the server

Ebunker is trash. It’s a severely human biased smaller atcs with no outside.

Furthermore, Lucirant while being a cool idea for a map is also absolutely garbage. Another human biased map with no real substance.

The rotation has been updated: Current Map Rotation For GrangerPub US East