Saturday GrangerHub Development Games

We have a lot of game play changes that we will be testing at this Saturday’s development games:

  • The dretches can now deal damage to turrets and teslas. They also deal slightly more damage to humans than before.

  • The are changes to the base values of the goon’s chomp, pounce, and barbs.

  • There are changes to the base values of the turrets. Turrets still have spin-up which was a gpp feature, but it is less than one third of the length of gpp spin-up. Some of values of the turrets are 1.1 values, and other are “averaged” between 1.1 and gpp. These turrets are not weak like gpp turrets can be, however if you build them very close to each other like in 1.1, they can be defeated a bit easier. New building strategies for these turrets are required.

  • The base value settings on the lucifer cannon have been changed so that it behaves more like the lucifer cannon from 1.1 vanilla.

There is also a new sound for the firing of the riffle.

See you at the dev games :slight_smile: !


Perhaps the autogenerated messages on discourse should quit

At today’s development games we will be testing:

  • some basic features of the new /playmap system, which is used for selecting maps (to add a map of your choice to the playmap quque, enter into the console /playmap NameOfMapHere).
  • some changes to warmup which includes
    • friendly fire on teammate as well as on team buildings is off during warmup
    • building is blocked by enemy creep/power
  • some fine tuning of the regular and advanced dragoons
  • changes to the shotgun damage per pellet, number of pellets, spread, and repeat
  • new textures for the luci shot
  • and other miscellaneous changes.

The new features now available for testing at today’s Development games include the following:

  • Changes to the defense computer, which includes:

    • The defense computer is required for tesla gernerators to be built and to function.
    • There can only be one defense computer, and it has unlimited range.
    • The defense computer gives a boost to the performance of turrets.
    • The defense computer can still autorepair buildings, however the healing rate is reduced to 1 hp per second, 3 seconds after a building is no longer being damaged.
  • The basilisk grab of turrets has been re-implemented.

  • Unpowered buildings no longer experience spontaneous combustion.

  • Some further adjustments to the /playmap subsystem.

Boosting the current state of test turrets makes me cry.

Love the other changes, although on paper 1/hps seems a little weak. That would be better at around 2-3, at 1hps it’s going to take over 5 MINUTES to heal a node fully.

We are tweaking the ret settings so that they are not painfully op, but the idea is that the rets would work relatively better with a dc than without.

This dc heals all damaged human buildings at the same time, anywhere on the map (or at least it is suppose to have unlimited range). We might increase the rate to 2 or 3 hp per second since at most only one dc can exist at a time.

I’m not sure if this could work, but why not have like a maximum of 2 or 3 Dc to able to build, and for each dc healing rate of building increase 1 hp/s. 1 dc = 1hp/s, 2 dc = 2 hp/s. It may give different building strategies, should we build 1 more turret or 1 more dc to get 1 more healing rate. I’m just shooting arrows btw… (giving crazy ideas)

Today’s dev games is going to consist of further tests of the Vanilla Game Mode. The current change log for this game mode with detailed information and discussions can be found here: Vanilla Game Mode for Tremulous 1.3: Changelog

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Today’s dev games will be focused on testing the new Player Model Customization system. More information can be found on this topic: GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums .

shotty xhair please :granger:

I kinda like it, it just makes the game more challenging :smile:

Today we are trying out some experimental changes to the luci (more info about that at this post: Vanilla Game Mode for Tremulous 1.3: Changelog - #46 by dGr8LookinSparky ). We are further testing out the player model customization system. There have been some minor changes to warmup.

The missing crosshair for the shotty is no longer missing :wink: .


The hovel has successfully been ported to 1.3 and is now available on the [color=#33CC33]test[/color][color=#00E6E6]7341[/color] server !!!

The hovel will be available in the Vanilla Game Mode (1.1 game play) with bug fixes. In the Swirl Game Mode, the hovel will also be available but will have a new very important role (more about this will be posted later).

Some additional features we will be testing at today’s development games:

  • Spectators now smoothly no clip through doors instead of teleporting through them.

  • In Pre-Game Warmup mode, building is blocked by enemy creep/power, unless you are within range of your team’s overmind/reactor. This prevents spamming of enemy buildable into your base.

  • The crosshair turns red while you aim at an enemy target. Additionally the names of teammates are shown when you aim at them while they are in fog.

  • Swil Game Mode updates:

    • Initial implementation of CPMA physics which includes double jump, jet jump, and air acceleration/control.

    • Your velocity is added to the initial velocity of various projectiles that you might fire ( including the luci/pulse/blaster/barb/spit projectiles ). this means that your movement can speed up, slow down, and alter the initial launch directions of these projectiles. A secondary dynamic crosshair that predicts the point of impact for these projectiles has been implemented to aid with firing.

    • The water mechanics has been improved so that rants and goons can get out of the water easier. Also the bug where if some aliens touched the bottom of the water they would move like they are on land has been fixed.

    • Wall walkers can now walk on buildables and on players.

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Hovel OP pls nerf

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We are currently experimenting with two new aliens ( courtesy of @Xembie ) on the Swirl Game Mode on the
test7341 server. The Seeker is an alien that specializes at jumping high (this has some interesting results with the current implementation of cpma physics). The Moquitos is a small flying alien. Both aliens are now available on the server, feel free to stop by and try them out.

Today’s tests will be focused on the new buildpoint reserve system. This system is being discussed in this topic: GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums .

Ooo I’ll have to test these new aliens. Looks neat.

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Has taken me a while to adjust and learn how they play, their strengths and weaknesses, overall they are fun to play.

At today’s development games we will be testing the following features, enhancements, and bug fixes:

  • The accuracy of the melee attacks should be improved
  • Changes to the basilisk:
    • The swipe range and the grab range are equal (the base value is 96.0)
    • While grabbing, the basilisk automatically swipes
    • The advanced basilisk can gas and swipe at the same time (better out than in)
  • Basic database support, including the /seen & /maplog commands
  • Refinements to buildable stacking and marked deconstruction.
  • Improvements to the turrets
  • Re-implementation of various voting enhancements
  • Improvements to inactivity detection
  • The mass driver can shoot through up to 3 targets with reduced damage after hitting each target
  • The various buildables can be built at greater angle ranges
  • The admin command /explode works again
  • Implementation of the alien health reserve system ( Alien Health Reserve System )
  • Initial implementation of partial credit/evo rewards for inflicting damage to the enemy before killing them ( Receiving a partial credit/evo reward upon inflicting damage to an enemy player before that player's death - #12 by dGr8LookinSparky )