Scorpion class alien

would have a primary attack of pinch and would have 8 rechargeable poison darts for mouse 3 then mouse 2 would be sting which throws of humans ability to aim!! also claw can grab human temporarily and slow them down with claws!! also has wallwalk!!

i don’t know hahahahahahah wellll aliens its here u design have sounds like crab ??? because crab does not pinch wait no crab pinches but scorpions dont pinch haha but yeah idk i think poison darts are kind of weird why aliens play darts ?? haha fingers they have dont xd so idk about design propose maybe refine or draw to me what idea mean.

also i think sound like big big basi alien except only grab from one side instead 2 side like big meat claw grab little man!


krtv’s post so Gud I have half a mind to ask the gr8 artist of our jennerAshun (shuffle) to draw him a handsome picture next to this wonderful “scorpion” creature.

yeah im pretty sure darts players are only allowed 3 darts

Scorpions use their pincers to hold their pray, and then inject them venom.

So basically an advanced adv. basi (basi++) that automatically drugs people (for a shorter duration than the gas) when it attacks (would go through armor)? Maybe a stamina-reducing paralyzing poison? Could make it use its stinger with mouse3 too, so that gas can be kept on mouse2.

it would look like this but it’s eyes would shoot the darts

That looks like a rad scorpion from fallout.

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