Sell buildings for credits

hiii so i have an idea where u get rid of time credit but also give ppl a way to upgrade w/out kills

so for example u use advanced unit (adv granger or ackit so no s1 lol) and u point at building, and press “/salvage” bind

for every BP the building has u will get say 75 credit. and u can donate and share normally.

for alien tube/trapper would be 2 evos and egg/booster/barricade would be 3 evo. u cant sell overmind, reactor, hovel.

during that time after u sell, for some period of time u cannot access the BP. so u can’t rebuild using same BP until hidden timer expires, even tho the building is gone. mb 2-3 minute or random period.



Hmm, All i can picture in my head is 7 grangers spawning in s2 trying to get evos.

I think its a good idea, But maybe It’ll make sense for example if i kill the ret you built for creds, i deserve a 3rd of an evo. so 3 ret kills would grant me 1 evo.

If I’m correct the game generates credits after so much time in game. Or attacking but necessarily killing gains you a portion of credits. I’m unsure. @blowFish or @dGr8LookinSparky can verify.

ya this would replace time creds like i just said. thx for taking time to read.

@Attractive_Female_Gi I just skimmed over it. Was not paying attention. However, I don’t agree with the idea. I’m more traditional, the more changes I see, the less I like to play. Being a 11 year veteran, I’ve have disagreed with a lot of stuff that has been implemented, even some of the stuff that I coded from the past. So it’s just my statement, I’m a little arrogant so don’t mind my post too much.

ya so there are mb 2 ways to do it

but if u build something and only want to harvest it it’s no different than any other building so u r saying to reward any ret kill

1 way is u restrict to person who is designated. and those ppl are in charge of sort of building and “mining” at the same time and have to share to other.

1 way is u allow to all people, but give them a global build timer penalty at same time until the BP they salvaged is restored. and also add a “minimum team BP” so u don’t allow entire team to strip base to nothing. u can cvar this number for example mb u want it around 50 BP mb u want it around 80 BP.

I think in 1.3 gameplay (test server) you already gain points and credits along with building stuff. Which can make you end up with a lot of creds just by building the whole game.

good idea1 ! start implementing it and enjoy2 the immediate camping-free3 fun.4



so ur argument is ppl will be camping in empty bases

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Couldn’t you just indefinitely build rets/tubes and salvage for infinite credits/evos?

Depends on how long the delay would be for the bp to come back after being pawned off. You may have to go without a significant portion of your base in order to get a significant amount of credits/evos.

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u can indefinitely wait in base for time credits

u can indefinitely murder enemy team for credits

and u can indefinitely salvage but obv. not in SD

but the more u salvage the less base u have. which devhc doesn’t get i guess.

I don’t think this is a very good idea. It would probably lead to desperate players selling their entire bases and losing quickly.

What if you could sell players? Suppose you have a chainsuit camper. You can decide to either keep him in game or sell him for credits, so you can actually rush and not be forced to camp. Of course, the player would be gone permanently, so it’d be a trade-off.


like i said, if u put “minimum team bp” then u can’t harvest to make ur base smaller than that threshold.

also since ppl are on a timer the long-term salvage rate is capped.

ignoring ur not serious suggestion.

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Selling buildings would always make the base weaker. Selling certain players, on the other hand, could make the team stronger. Imagine if you could get rid of all the battlegrangers and feeders and get evos/credits for it.

  1. battlegranger is viable in some situations

  2. u r changing goalposts. yes salvage always weakens BASE but not necessarily TEAM. u have to consider tradeoffs that’s why it’s good mechanic. and we have to consider exact balance for it.

  1. Yes, I 1v2’d a Battlesuit and a Armour+Helmeted human with a Granger once, but there’s only one enneract on this server.

  2. Always consider the extreme case, it often gives you useful insights. If you sell all your buildings, you’re left with no base and you will lose. On the other hand, if everyone in a bad team is sold, the resulting team is no longer bad. It’s not good either, but it’s certainly an improvement.

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Tremulous: Civilization

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-this is team game and granger spit is useful. it makes ppl slow. mb someone used it on you.

-u can’t sell all ur buildings b/c mechanic doesn’t allow it

-u can’t sell players b/c they don’t grow back unlike buildings now stop ur disaster troll attempt since u can’t contribute