Server empty?

Why all servers are empty? I can connect without any errors…

Not all the servers are empty @Matth , people are still playing Trem :wink: .

But ghub server are deserted!

It was told that there were lags today… People left without saying, and some were really lagging. Personally, I didn’t.

gub is dead, move away

Not true

Not true


Who in the hell uses GameTracker anymore? It’s all about deathmask :sunglasses:

Real-time Tremulous Listings for Master Server boom

I’ve noticed that for some reason at the moment while there are players on GrangerPub, and/or GrangerPub, and/or test7341, the player list for those servers isn’t expanding (even through that site still does show the correct player counts for those servers when player are on), while on other server when there are players it expands. This was not always the case, I recall the player lists expanding on that site for pub/club/test7341 last week. That is odd behavior.

Hey sparky, why granger hub server are almost dead? I don’t see anybody playing there :confused:

@Bluefire I am not Sparky, but it appears to a mix of 1) Gpub getting hit hard by lag recently 2) People preferring to play elsewhere. Hopefully things improve over time.

Ind33d. This thread seems to have run it’s course, therefore I’ll be closing it.