Some things about Blowfish Prerelease client

Hi guys…somedays ago i sucefull runned new THZ (but not hack) by Blowfish, it called “blowfish_prerelease”

in fact this 1.2 (not gpp) client, what have support with GPub/GClub/Test7341…well client funny, i can use opengl2 renderer and have fun, but some bad sides:

This client can BROKE YOUR QKEY AND RESERT YOUR GUID!!! (well i runned it wtih another fs_homepath, for use qkey from general trem, as result - i losed guid, but idk how, tommorow all be ok…“MAGIC…”

so it was funny, but don’t allow this shit use qkey from general trem, how? easy:

Run Blowfish client with another fs_homepath, like +set fs_homepath “C:\AnotherPath”

and it gonna make new qkey, so use another., not ur GPP qkey…also this not only blowfish client can broke qkey…
Long time ago,i compiled for itself trem 1.2.0 (lastest src from github…), runned it, and then i losed all admin permission in all gpp servers…so idk how but TREM 1.2.0 Is danger for our GPP/1.1 Qkeys xD

So, i suggest you, try Blowfish shit, but with different qkey :D, coz rlly OpenGL2 Graphic is pretty good…

You get a different GUID because you connect to a different port. GUIDs are unique based on the IPA and port pair. The same issue occurs when switching between a 1.1 client and a gpp client. It shouldn’t touch your existing qkey file. This is a problem with the current multiprotocol implementation, which should be solved SOON™

mmm interesting :smile:

anyway blowfish prerelease client is rlly funny, cool renderer, i suggest all try it, but with different FS_HOMEPATH :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been working on new client using GPP branch per DevHC comments. If you would like to try that I can give it to you to play with.

i have idea make ur client RTCW homepath style (like C:\Users\URNAME\Documents\My Games\Tremulous)

u should try adaptate homepath from rtcw to ur client, ofc replace all reminds of RTCW xD

btw gimme it:P


Ahh I remember him tlaking about thz in-game.
I’ll try out this client later. README says it is unstabe, as if it should be run from a seperate directory but wouldn’t it still intefere with at least one of the appdata/tremulous or local settings/appdata/tremulous folders?

I’m not doing anything special other than compiling the latest shit so you guys can play with it. Regardless of what extra strings I leave lying around its all stock shit, and you can readily confirm by looking at the code.

The client I released previously included hacks to browse the 1.1 server list from the not-even-gpp-anymore code in master. Plain and simply, I wanted to try the opengl2 renderer and shared it (your welcome).

This is my GPP client that I’m currently using, I think this contains win32/64/osx binaries only. You’ll have to compile yourself for linux.

ViruS, my suggest: run it with another FS_HOMEPATH for dont get shit with ur original qkey.

The problem you are experiencing probably has nothing to do with the qkey file, but rather due to the latest client code on github using a third protocol that is different from both of the protocols used by 1.1 & gpp. GrangerHub’s multiprotocol servers works with all three of those protocols. However, due to how the master server lists currently works, we have to make use of 3 different ports, where each port is meant for a different protocol. This means that your GUID will be different depending on which port you connect with, even with the same qkey. Like jkent said above, this problem should be solved S00N™.

Ok :slight_smile: .

Mac version soon ?

Tremulous 1.1, GPP (Blowfish 1.2 too) have soruce code, so you can compile it itself for ur Mac/LInux/*NIX

I just remembered. My computer doesn’t OGL2 very well


Oh i slowpock…i only now readed it…k i now gonna test ur client :stuck_out_tongue:

Also…i have Windows too xD so no need me compile for Linux, WINE 4EVERV !