Spitfire: The New Flying Alien For The Swirl Game Mode

Dare I say … _Spit_nik? :wink:

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I propose a frail sniper-alien

Details please

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I haven’t sketched out a detailed plan yet, but I’ll get to work since you asked :smiley:

(Placeholder Name)

Appearance: Make it look like a flying insectoid

Stage: 1
Cost: 1-2
Attack: Launches a stinger that deals 20 damage, or 40 to the head. Stinger can, of course, be coated with poison using a booster.
Attack delay: 1 second

[There should be an adv version worth 3 evos. This one should be able to have more hp, deal more damage and dash quickly in the air (sort of an airpounce) as well as use a trapperlike sticky -spit alt attack.]

Why you believe this could add to tremulous: The aliens lack a long-range harassment unit. This will discourage humans from simply backpedaling and force them to develop new evasion strategies.

Why you think new strategies should be forced to develop: First look at starcraft two. The first and second games were pretty boring. The third update however, received critical praise from critics and pro-gamers alike. Why? The update introduced only 6 new units. But these 6 new units caused unimaginable harm to those who weren’t prepared to face them. For example, there was this alien which launched a high-damage blob of magma into the air, its location marked by a flashing red crosshair. Players with good micromanagement (that is, being able to manage each individual unit to its full potential) easily evaded the falling projectile. Less skilled players were however quickly devastated by the one projectile ripping apart their army. All in all, change is fun.

For example in trem, we always have the 45-minutes rant-fests every game. My concept could diversify the early game and change it, however it would need refining.

Since this post is disorganized, I’ll make a fork post (split) soon


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despite the fact that gliding can be used to ascend in real life (transfer from kinetic energy to gravitational potential energy) ?

description is inconsistent.

i have a feeling that u r repeating urself.


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Watch in 720p60: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOuqDo6KEl8

Add flight physics or nerf HP.

You can have jumpy or tanky, but you can’t have both. As it currently stands, humans have a hell of a time hitting something that constantly 180s on a dime above your head, and takes 17-1/2 lasgun hits to kill.


What… The zap looks absolutely OP. It looks like I could just mash buttons and 1v1 everyone on the server.

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@devhc , I’m going to have to update the original post description S00N™, I have already overhauled the flight mechanics a lot since then (and some more work needs to be done). Now the flight mechanics factors in proper gravity, drag, lift, and thrust. Still need to improve airpounce a bit, fix some bugs with wall walking so that one can better airpounce from wall walking on one surface to another, and as MachineMedic brought up factor in some more “inertia” with the turning so that changing directions is not so instantaneous.

Since that video, as per your suggestion, ascending no longer involves instantly stopping decent before ascending, but I still need to work on the air control limitations that you recommended. I would like to seee those changes in action before further reducing the hp.

An interesting thing to note about the first session of dev games today is how even though the spitfire gives the impression of being OP, humans have won a large majority of the matches (whereas before the introduction of the Spitfire, aliens won a large majority of the matches). Part of those results may have been due to the updates being substantial, and everyone is still getting use to the changes and trying/developing new strategies/tactics from those changes.

Here is the maplog of the first dev game session today:

  • 00:40(2017-02-11 18:27:32) watah-b5 (6 players) (00:44 playtime): Timelimit hit.

  • 01:53(2017-02-11 17:14:47) assault (11 players) (00:44 playtime): Timelimit hit.

  • 02:45(2017-02-11 16:22:16) karith (8 players) (00:27 playtime): Aliens win.

  • 03:16(2017-02-11 15:51:26) niveus (10 players) (00:15 playtime): Humans win.

  • 03:37(2017-02-11 15:30:17) volcano (10 players) (00:13 playtime): Humans win.

  • 03:57(2017-02-11 15:10:50) bedtimefinal (11 players) (00:16 playtime): Humans win.

  • 04:31(2017-02-11 14:37:09) grangercannon_lr2 (8 players) (00:38 playtime): Humans win.

  • 05:15(2017-02-11 13:52:46) unstoppable (8 players) (00:03 playtime): Aliens win.

  • 05:22(2017-02-11 13:46:09) kaiji_starsidehotel (9 players) (00:22 playtime): Humans win.

  • 05:50(2017-02-11 13:17:46) base-a51_b2 (8 players) (00:13 playtime): Humans win.

  • 06:11(2017-02-11 12:57:33) overthehill-b1 (6 players) (00:22 playtime): Humans win.

  • 06:41(2017-02-11 12:27:29) mission_one_redux_rc5 (6 players) (00:33 playtime): Humans

  • 07:18(2017-02-11 11:49:50) utcsud (4 players) (00:04 playtime): Humans win.

  • 07:24(2017-02-11 11:44:32) hq-beta28 (3 players) (00:13 playtime): Humans win.


Well, the biggest thing I can see loading the game right now is that Aliens no longer have access to dragoons until S2. That means:

  • Dretch (super squishy shotgun fodder for medic)
  • Basi (support for dragoons, plus occasional pot-shot kills when they can sneak up behind humans)
  • Mara (medium-sort-of-squishy but still easy to kill 1v1)
  • Spitfire (very good at pissing off the human team, as well as not bloody dying)

There is no real base-busting Meat 'N Taters class available in there to keep the humans from camping till S3.

And so that’s exactly what they do.


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Basi (support for dragoons, plus occasional pot-shot kills when they can sneak up behind humans)

I’m not sure if a basilisk has killed me more from approaching sneaking from behind, it’s more like that they approach me from the front but because i have such high ping and high ping is bad for reaction time, all i can do is try to flick a shot with the shotgun before i warp a few meters into their grab. Shucks

Spitfire (very good at pissing off the human team, as well as not bloody dying)

Don’t just only use a lasgun on them.

Btw here’s an example of ‘somewhat proper flight physics,’ without a working engine (meaning that the equivalent is that I have no air pounce or air jump and that you can actually go down very far and go back up very far, unlike the spitfire in-game as devhc was talking about):

It’s just war thunder, mind you so it isn’t exactly the simmiest game out there but it shows the fact that you can ascend a lot as long as you have the kinetic energy to convert into potential energy (how this happened is that apparently after major patches, the default fuel used on take-off is minimum, and this jet only has 19 minutes of full tank fuel or just 5 minutes for minimum takeoff)


What would you suggest then?

A shotgun? Spitfires are too small, too unpredictable, too tough. They are so small and jittery that about a quarter of my pellets seem to hit on average if I’m lucky. Figure 52*.25=13. 125/13=9.6 shots to kill on average. That means reloading, which means a 50/50 chance I won’t even get the 9th or 10th shot off. Dragoons are bigger and slower, and so are easier to hit… Yet I still die in 1v1 against goons about 66-75% of the time. Shotgun is a bad choice against a good spitfire.

Rifle? Maybe. 930.25=67.5 real damage dealt on average per mag with rifle. 125/67.5=1.85 mags to kill on average. Better, but there’s still a reload involved, and therefore an automatic 50/50 death chance.

Mass driver? Only if your name is LuckyCharms or they decide to stand still.

Chaingun? You might as well throw a fistful of sand at them for the good that will do.

Flamer? Maybe. If you don’t toast yourself first, as has historically been the case.

Pulse rifle? If you can get them cornered.

Luci? Pfft.

Lasgun? 125/7/.25=71.42 shots to kill on average. 10.713 seconds of sustained fire at 400 rounds per minute. This moderate (sustainable) rate of fire coupled with a lack of reload time makes the lasgun the most useful gun against Spitfires in my mind. (and incidentally the most comparable to real-world anti-aircraft guns)


Or maybe the alien players are just plain bad or completely mixed up by the “new game?”:stuck_out_tongue:


Based on various suggestions, I have made some changes to the flight mechanics of the spitifre, so that its motion should be “smoother” and easier for humans to track.

  • The air acceleration while gliding has been decreased

  • Ascending by using forward/reverse thrust is now permitted while gliding.


It came to my mind an idea about spitfire. I think the way spitfire is being played is :

  • gliding to get speed
  • charge to change direction

The problem then leads into two issues :

  • There’s a dumb air control when gliding which feels like a bad anti-gravity and doesn’t give acceleration
  • Charge is a bit not enough powerful, and its stamina system sometimes break the thing.

I would solve it this way :

  • Change the air control to a very little one, a bit like 1.1’s one when jumping air_control (just air control with forward key)
    I think we would get properized movements, and, why not, proper strafe functions ? (such as Warsow’s one)
    random video I had on my computer

  • Change the charge so that it permits to change direction even more :

  • either remove or nerf stamina

  • either buff charge impulsion

I think this would really make an intuitive, quaky dodging flying alien.

This is mostly about enhancing gliding, cause nobody seems to be using it while it should be a great acceleration tool.


Also, it needs a tutorial, text stuff :wink:


A lot smoother and fun to play with than I expected. I feel it is slightly on the weak side (similar position as the basilisk). The texture and model needs serious work, sounds an animations are fine for now.


All of its assets are going to have to be replaced at some point since it is non-free. But also its assets should fit its functionality and game play. I just needed a place holder for the assets while developing its game play first :slight_smile: .