Star ATCS by yalt mapping problem

When I loading Star ATCS, it gives me an error message.

Pls somebody help me? :’(

Seems like the tga file has a wrong format/setting. What client u use? Gpp 1 client should load it without any problems.

I’m using Gpp1 version as you’ll see in my screenshot. I really don’t know how to fix it.

I like that background tho. what hud is this. or what

That was from this: Halloween Test Server Hosted by GrangerHub for Halloween Weekend

I’m not sure what causes this problem. What map pk3 do you use? Did you changed anything inside the original pk3? There are at least 3 different star atcs versions out there.

Which are the three versions of it? :confused:

This is the version that was used on the Halloween server:

Guys! I re-downloaded it again, test it and it works for my laptop! But I’m not testing my desktop PC yet, so I give everyone for a link: Contact Support

Find Star ATCS and download it! It have no damaged/corrupted pk3 file. Also Sparky, you must replace it without any problem! :wink: :smiley:

Currently I’m testing and playing it in my laptop with devmap mode:

Judging from the file name at xserverx, it looks like it is the same version that was used on the Halloween server, and that is on the test7341 server.

Yep, when I downloaded from your server, it was crashed by the wrong tga format, but I downloaded from xserverx website to replace it and it works for me. I think that’s strange… :confused:

But nvm, it’s fine and nothing problem for me. :wink: