Suggestion for nominating maps to be voted on to include in the map rotation

Since people have been bitching about the map rotation and admins have tried to explain OVER and OVER again how the system works… Why don’t we as a whole just nominate maps WE want. so that the new rotation can include maps (NOT FORTIFICATION FFS) that everyone likes so we dont run into this issue again.


Nominate Below

I’ll start:

  • ATCS
  • UTCS
  • Niveus
  • Fort5
  • Citadel
  • Urbanp2
  • Unstoppable
  • ATCS 2015 (I didn’t like classic, but it’s still fine)

U are going to have some bigggg problem man…

Same list but I would add Nano and Karith Station

Nano is cancer and Karith is too big.


ok for nano for I need my jet-MD-eleroom-ventilation-CampingSpot. To farm kill ;/

there is hardly any map that everyone likes. and preferences change over time. there will always be bitching.

also, who r „WE” ? active forum users ? so ur real plan is not to have maps that everyone likes, but to decrease the amount of explaining admins do ?

also, fix the topic name !


OMFG, how brainless u must be to write something so stupid. It’s not “bitching” it’s discussion. Many players have many opinions and admins do they job very good explaining " how the system works " .

Some off the top of my head:

  • toot

  • Fortification

  • Kaiji Starside Hotel

  • City Overun

  • Sector 50 b22

  • Sector 51 b3

  • Volcano

  • Space Tracks

  • Transparency Alpha 2

  • Mega Procyon

  • Dark Castle

  • Mission One Redux

  • Box field

  • Cleanser

  • Rotcannon B11

  • Peorongate

  • Combat T2 Beta 2

  • Parpax

  • Exploit b2r

  • Flap

  • Frax b2r4

  • Station 15 r1

  • tgs 01_v1

  • Endymion b5 (the sofa is hard and gives hemorrhoids!)

  • Transparency Alpha 1 (I would recommend Alpha 1c, but it is too blinding to look at).

  • Underwater 2

  • Nexus 6

  • Niveus gmotwmod 02-1.1.0 (if it didn’t have a tendency to cause max configstrings)

  • Granger Cannon LR2-1

  • Tremship

  • Nebula b5

  • Nova v1.1

  • Metro b1-2

Yes please


This would be nice without the obnoxious “ambient” sounds.

But they make the map :slight_smile:

toot - awesome name, awful map.
Fortification - NO - Broken map, corrupts my game.
Kaiji Starside Hotel - cancerous human sniper map
City Overun - AIDS (see above)
Volcano - wtf? no. Lose control of character like he has aliens biting his dick.
Mission One Redux - F2 - mission maps are not standard gameplay and should not be in a standard rotation
Tremship - ??? (see above)
Cleanser - all textures look the fucking same, ugly and boxy map
Flap - Known by many as the worst trem map of all time
Niveus gmotwmod 02-1.1.0 (if it didn’t have a tendency to cause max configstrings) - Unkillable human default base.

Underwater 2
Nexus 6

Are the ones that I mentioned that you didn’t put into your yes nor no lists you consider to be maybes @Ckit ? As a side note this topic is about nominating maps that would be voted on for possible inclusions in the rotation.

I think what I’ll do is wait a few more days to see if there are more nominations then start a new banner topic with comprehensive polls for nominated maps and the maps currently in the rotation asking if a map should not be in the rotation, should be in the rotation at a low frequency, should be in the rotation at an average frequency, or should be in the rotation at a high frequency.

I can’t guarantee that the rotation would change exactly according to the results of those polls, but the polls would be used for informational purposes in considering how to adjust the map rotation.

Since these are nominations, nominators should nominate based on how they would want the rotation to be, and not necessarily based on how they think the majority of others would want the rotation to be, the actual polls would help determine the second case.

Feel free to nominate maps that are not yet on GrangerPub as well.

Either maybe, decent, or I don’t remember that map through name alone.

Fuck nominations, we need to accommodate for potential future players. Tremship and all those other cancer maps are not a good introduction. Besides, we tried this before and it didn’t work. (I’m not gonna mention why).

Then you should check out those particular maps to confirm yes, no, or maybe :wink: .

We haven’t consulted forum members via polls in general on the map rotation in detail and thoroughly (occasionally polls came up for removing some maps). I am interested in getting a general survey at this point in time for us to consider.

Again, I’m not saying that the rotation will be adjusted exactly according to the results of such polls (not necessarily even specific polls are in favor of maps that I happen to enjoy occasionally/often), as other things need to be taken into consideration besides popular opinion (especially popular opinion of only the player base that currently use the forums which is a minority subset of the player base as a whole).