Suggestion: Using a single topic for Evil Genius ideas (From a real Genius)

why dont you just make one flippin topic and add all your 500 billion idea’s to it. That’d make life 50x easier


or you can make one topic and have all that in there instead of like everyday posting total useless fucking garbage that i highly doubt will ever be added. (not going to lie these are some shitty idea’s)

If ur gonna spam ur brain storms u might as well just post them in fucking last post to win. It wont make a difference

If anything fuck it might as well add a hentai nsfw “brainstorming topic evil genius think tank”

Your feedback is appreciated @StarSlider :slight_smile: . Allow me to shed some light on the purpose and approach of the Evil Genius Think Tank category. First it may be helpful to refer to its about page I have quoted below:

At GrangerHub we highly value creative thinking, without it, original ideas would not be discovered nearly as much, and development that actually makes a difference, especially for a video game project, can be hindered and stagnate. There have been other places in/around the trem community who discourage and/or are even hostile towards creative thought (perhaps unintentionally), those kinds of places tend to grow stale, and can zap the fun out imo. We created the Evil Genius Think Tank category to try something different, to encourage and nurture creative thinking and open mindedness.

Sure when it comes to creative thinking the vast majority of ideas will lead to dead ends, but without it, one would not find and develop the minority of cool ideas that would make the game even more awesome. As developers, we do consider all the crazy ideas as possibilities, even if depending on the ideas, it might only be for a moment, and then some of the suggested ideas we have explored implementation, and try out.

It might not seem like it always, but creative brainstorming related to the game is different from spamming in general, and very useful toward developmen

Here are our reasons we have a category for the Evil Genius think tank ideas as opposed to just a single topic:

  • It helps with having more focused brainstorming related to particular ideas that might otherwise be overlooked.

  • It helps (especially us developers) to better navigate and refer back to older ideas that we may revisit, and perhaps look into implementing.

  • It emphasizes a creative attitude for the forum in general.

As long as the topics are at least loosely related to improving trem, and doesn’t violate the community guidelines for the forums and website Terms of Service, I don’t see any significant disadvantages. Community members don’t have to participate in all/any of those discussions if they don’t want to. However, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if more community members loosened up, and had some fun contributing towards the creative flow. @StarSlider , you don’t have to, but I highly recommend that you give it a try, maybe reply to an existing idea with a/some whacky ideas related to trem, and/or perhaps post some completely original crazy ideas related to trem in a new topic, it can be a very fun exercise :slight_smile: .

That can be very beneficial to a website with a focus on hentai. Actually, you could post an idea about Hentai related to improving trem, as long as it is related to trem and you leave out actual pornographic aspects, remember that all of the posts in the Evil Genius Think Tank category are public :wink: .

With all that said, perhaps there are specific downsides, for the game/community, using this approach that I’m not aware of, and I’m open to considering them, perhaps even some minor adjustments could address at least some such disadvantages, but the first step in addressing any issue is to understand the problem(s). @StarSlider , could you elaborate the specific issues you see with this approach?


Not to go off-topic but

Perhaps @StarSlider doesn’t like the hundreds of (1)'s that pop up when you create a new category and them being random and useless, at least in his opinion.

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I don’t care about anything related to thread spam I’m just saying it and it had to be turned into a topic.

Don’t blame me, I am innocent.


Hentai = porn nothing else. Other wise it’s considered anime. (or soft-core-hentai)

Although the hentai thing probably not going to get added anyways (that was just a silly suggestion)

Although I am still all for the support of adding a hentai topic.


And think about it logically, all the ideas I’ve seen so far. Just utterly fucking stupid made off the top of your head without any proper thought. At least have some proper reasoning and a good outline to go with it not just some spew pity 1-2-3 put together garbo about some of the most absurd things I’ve seen that relate Nothing to trem (which can be good sometimes) but most of it is just junk that you’ll consider and never add or look over and not care. I might as well start putting together random sentences as an idea and let you guys take it into account. ( I might get some criticism for this and I don’t give a crap I already know making up stuff is apart of getting a new idea)

(If you dont understand read above the “”)

Or in other words try to at least come up with good idea’s or put a little more effort into it. (As I stated)


You want my idea? here take it ---- Speedhax
(owait thats a cheat nvm.)

Spam (or 1’s that pop up)=

(technically I sleep)

Speaking of idea’s Scrap them and come up with something better (or more thought out as said above)-


If you are asking why I’m posting so many gif’s, 1)they are cool 2)Why not, 3)Great way to describe some topics hence (hentai conversation)


What I think we need is an anime related topic for anime pictures and such (- the hentai)


That’s all for now I may edit and add or change some stuff.



Some EGTT topics might be combined into a single one, if the ideas are very similar in nature or mostly apply to the the same thing.

I think the new Evil Genius Wiki-post (of DOOM) will be a good place to spam stuff that can later be used in other, more fleshed-out EGTT ideas, topics and proposals.


Sounds like a good idea

From what I’ve seen it’s just been idea after idea idk if they are really related but still eh.