Suggestions about FAQ

Hi there, just got in here.

@dGr8LookinSparky pointed me to the FAQ section, which includes a lot of useful information, but IMO is a bit tl;dr. Two problems:

  1. It’s not an FAQ; it has no questions or answers. It’s more of a guidelines or rules document, which makes sense that it was condensed from the Discourse rules page. I’d suggest calling it Forum Guidelines since this is what the badge that points to it says.
  2. Looks like a long document to read without most important points properly highlighted and easy to be accessed. Not everyone has the time/patience to read through a whole 2+ page document, so maybe some help is needed. I’d put a short list with links at the bottom that points to sections below. And in each section I’d put some bold text at the beginning of each paragraph to highlight take home messages.
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(Can’t stop ranting today) The FAQ doesn’t even mention badges and trust levels that is actually special to Discourse and people who are coming here as new users MUST know about.

So the real problem with the FAQ now is that it’s trying to give people an ethics lesson. That’s boring and nothing new, especially if one has some decent forum experience and netiquette. So I would start the section with this statement and let the novice reader find and read the rest of the guidelines if they’re interested.

So there should be two documents: Guidelines and FAQ. The real FAQ should tell us what the badges/trust levels mean, etc.


Renamed it to ‘user guidelines’ and we can add a link to the code of conduct stuff there.

FAQ should probably be it’s own topic where we show actual questions and answers.