Swirl Shotgun

We are recently trying out some significant changes to the shotgun. Besides adjusting some of it primary stats (like increase its pellet and shell count, while decreasing its damage per pellet), We have Implemented a secondary fire for the shotty. This secondary fire has a choke effect, where the spread is more focused, however its damage drops with distance. The shotty also now has recoil, with greater recoil for its secondary choked fire.

Here are the current stats from tremulous.h for the shotgun:

#define SHOTGUN_PRICE               175          
#define SHOTGUN_SHELLS              10
#define SHOTGUN_PELLETS             16 //used to sync server and client side
#define SHOTGUN_MAXCLIPS            3
#define SHOTGUN_REPEAT              1000
#define SHOTGUN_K_SCALE             1.0f
#define SHOTGUN_RECOIL1             75.0f
#define SHOTGUN_RECOIL2             120.0f
#define SHOTGUN_RELOAD              2000
#define SHOTGUN_SPREAD              700
#define SHOTGUN_DMG                 HDM(4)
#define SHOTGUN_RANGE               (8192 * 12)
#define SHOTGUN_CHOKE_REPEAT        1000
#define SHOTGUN_CHOKE_SPREAD        250

The initial commit for the shotgun changes can be found here: