Swirl's New Advanced Granger

The Advanced Granger is a battle-ready variant to the Basic Granger.

Currently costs 1 evolve point

Can evolve to Advanced Granger without an Overmind

60 damage per slash (Basic Granger does 20 damage per slash)

125 max health (Basic Granger has 75 max health)

1.25x faster movement speed than Basic Granger

1.25x higher jump than Basic Granger

Spit slow effect lasts 4 seconds (Basic Granger’s spit slow effect used to last 2 seconds, removed)

Can wallwalk (removed from Basic Granger)

Both Grangers can build multiple structures at one time (each additional structure being built slows down the build speed)

Advanced Granger is currently the same size the Basic Granger used to be (Basic Granger is now slightly larger than a Dretch)

Basic Granger, Advanced Granger, Dretch, Basilisk, and Advanced Basilisk no longer have health decay



Basic Granger can now wallwalk.

Basic Granger is only available through the spawn menu, can no longer be devolved to.

Advanced Granger can no longer build eggs. (Helps prevent eggspam)

Booster now acts as a creep source.

Grapnel now acts as a creep source. (Structures built near it must be in the Grapnel’s Line of Sight)

Advanced Granger bite range reduced to 60. (from 64)


But what if you need wallwalk to build an egg?


You can.


Ooh, I missed that. But that was also problematic. You can cheat in all the arcade maps. :confused:


Mappers can account for that in mission/objective based maps were they might not want wall walking to occur on various walls by setting their surfaces such that wall walking isn’t allowed. Code_Man’s version of Mission One (Mission One Redux) does that.

With that said, the quality of the game play should take priority on what might be considered “conventional” maps for that game play, over the functionality of existing “unconventional” maps. Maps should be designed to fit the game play, not the other way around.

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