Taunts are missed

Anyone with familiarity with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory should know them. Taunts!

Having to type “Base is under attack” is just horrible, and usually takes long enough that when you’re done, you’re all out of base to defend.

And since this is a team game, we need quick communications to work together. Attacking a side, helping defend, flanking etc, can all be done a lot more cooperative and teambased with a proper Taunts system. VGS (as they call their Taunt system) does absolute wonders in Smite.

Considering ET has them, getting them in Tremulous shouldn’t be to hard.
If you have no clue what taunts are, watch this - YouTube (cover me, lets go, we need an engineer, i’m an engineer)
Or in a more recent game and with a full out explanation why a voice system is important, Smite has a VGS system, SMITE - Beginner's Guide - Part 2 - Communication & The Mini Map - YouTube @ 4:20

This isn’t a bad idea at all since this is basically a built-in version of the multi-coloured garbage binds you see often in servers which are designed to burn into your retina faster than a gay pride parade as it floods the chatbox.

Tribes 2 > *.

considering Tremulous has them, minus actual texts/sounds, finishing them should be a piece of dretchcake.

It’s actually part of the client? Then it would be stupid not to use it. I still have a huge collection of ET taunts to use :slight_smile:

part of the modern gamelogic (GPP-based QVMs, but also some updated earlier ones).

/bind [key] “say_team Base is under attack”

taunts would be cool tho

IMO expecting people to learn to enter text into a notepad file just so they can communicate quickly is archaic in the year of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth 2015.

Then again, right now Tremulous is a prehistoric dinosaur in internet years anyways.

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I added a UI for the voice-commands long ago, it’s was also integrated with the /transform. The demo included voice commands for Bender (Futurama) and Ash (Evil dead). The voice-commands UI only appeared 1x in a devgame long ago.

You can try to convince @dGr8LookinSparky to host my codes for a future dev-game. Since it’s already multi-protocol ready, only need to revive assets from my hard drive.

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No need to convince me, I already intend to use it in the main branches, I’ve just been waiting on @blowFish & @romdos to have the Tremulous specific pre-scripted voice assets ready to go :wink: .

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