Team display

I think i remember on gpp, or maybe some mod there was a thing that showed you the status of nearby teammates.
I think it should be brought back, sometimes its hard to keep track of your buddies when attacking.

Also, maybe it might be a good idea to have all your teammates location and health shown somehow, a bit like in unv.

On the test7341 server, do you have the following settings:

cg_drawTeamOverlay 1
cg_teamOverlayUserinfo 1
cg_teamOverlaySortMode 1
cg_teamOverlayMaxPlayers 8

The first one was set to 0 by default and it complained it didnt even recognize the second command, i havent tried the rest.

Anyway, shouldnt it be on by default anyway?

The settings I gave above are suppose to be the defaults on the test7341 server.