Telenode and map-based teleporter behavior changes

Sparky and I were discussing a couple of things:

  • Teleportation protection - Human players spawning from nodes (and all other players who go through any map-based teleporters) should “phase in” for about 1 second where they are immune to damage (but can be nudged or be pushed from knockback from splash or direct contact), and structures will not target / activate for them.

  • Telenodes and any map-based teleporters should telefrag structures, and knock-back players (should cause damage with high velocity…). In general this would make it disadvantageous to hang around teleporters or sit on telenodes.

Edits in bold.

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telenode protection

Fuck yes. No more telenode pushback nonsense would be a huge plus.


Fuck no. A tyrant shouldn’t have to worry about being blown up if it’s desperately trying to take down the last telenode protected by 50 gorillion turrets and campers. Just give the goddamn telenode a ceiling roof. Bring in the Home Improvement team on that shit.

Mmmk so don’t telefrag but do knock-back other players. The problem is node campers and egg campers who prevent spawn indefinitely (they should destroy the spawn). Spawning from eggs should cause knock-back to a human sitting on top of it and release noxious gas (disorienting view)…

Still, for map based teleporter exits, buildings blocking those exits should be telefraged (both enemy and friendly), so as to render useless the abuse of getting some1 stuck who exits a teleporter. It can be enough to nudge players blocking those teleporter exits when someone else teleports in, and killed if they are not removed successfully by the nudge in a few seconds.

Updated the first post in light of these delightful insights.

“they”, ie., both. well, at least the spawn begger should be killed, the tactical blocker is another question. :}

What about instances of abuse where the last enemy spawn is being blocked indefinitely, and all enemy players are killed?

what about instances of abuse where, regardless of temporary enemy spawn blocking, all enemy players r instantly killed upon spawning?

To clarify by “they” I meant just the individuals blocking the spawn and not the players that spawn.

Spawn blocking (as a strategy) is bad and would be removed. Instead of that undesirable player behavior, they should instead kill the spawn.

ur face.

Just because a thing CAN (or previously could) be done doesn’t mean it SHOULD be done… What sense does it make that a dretch can prevent a human from spawning, or that a human could prevent alien from spawning merely by sitting on top of the enemy spawn? In fact this maneuver as a ‘strategy’ is just stupid. Just kill the spawn…

It makes sense momentarily if you want to prevent spawning during the few seconds it takes to kill the spawn (depending on what you have). If a dretch can’t kill a node, then it might make sense for a dretch to block and wait for a team mate who can kill the node to come over.

however, if that this is effective, then it should be done.

u’re missing the point. a basilisk or a dragoon can wait next to a telenode, and immediately chomp down every spawing human; and a mass driverer can focus on an egg (from some distance), and drive every spawning dretch. there is no way u can deal with these cases (at least using anti-spawnblocking measures). so therefore, it would just look stupid to try to handle certain corner cases, such as when the above noted campers stand right on the telenode/egg.

from what point of view? from a strategic point of view, it’s useful. immersion ("it would sound stupid, in real life, that someone wouldn’t want to destroy its enemy"1) is a different point of view.

1 actually, humans in real life would really like to experiment with aliens, breeding them in controlled facilities.

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I suggest you to program a little JavaScript instead of Haskell, re-watch this a couple of times and think again.


Program a little JavaScript instead of Haskell and think again (that there are more ways for a game to be punishing than mentioned in this video, and that an online multiplayer games can be unnecessarily punishing as well).

no, whatever u’re thinking is WRONG. if u believe otherwise, state ur thoughts.

For context, I’ll describe the event that was the direct inspiration for posting this topic. cron and I were playing with 3 other players on the test8976 server, on the map Nintendo Land. cron and I were on the alien team, and the other 3 players were on the human team. The humans moved their base to the grey room, which only one entrance, and that entrance is through a teleporter (the grey room also has one teleporter to get out). Only grangers, dretches, basis, adv basis, and maras can fit to teleport to the grey room. Eventually cron and I did defeat the grey room, but after all 3 humans rage quit from there not being a decent amount of time of very little to no progress for both teams. The other thing is that they did not build the best way for gpp, there wasn’t even a defense computer to autorepair the rets (had there been a defense computer, it would have been impossible for us to defeat that base even with no human players).

The ideas in the original post were brainstormed as a result of this teleporting problem, and the proposed concept was expanded to also address spawn camping issues, which can be very common. lamefun can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the point he is making is that such camping behaviour with teleporters and spawns create a punishing scenario that is at least virtual impossible to solve regardless of skill.


The blue glow emitted from telenodes could act as a weak energy shield and repulser beam field offering limited protection to a newly spawned player that also gently pushes all players ‘up’ and ‘out’. This would make aliens get pushed away from base of the node (while directly over it) instead of just sitting on the node they would have to try to kill the humans teleporting in which would be invulnerable to attack for a second (but also unable to hurt the alien). Instead of telefragging - the player spawning in should cause massive knock back with upward force as they spawn in from the base of the telenode. This still gives both players time to quickly position themselves to try to kill each other once the human has fully phased in, and disallows any player from blocking the spawning ability of the node.

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