The First 1.3 Trem server in the EU based on Swirl Opens to the Public

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[color=blue]U[/color][color=cyan]n[/color][color=white]i[/color][color=cyan]trem[/color][color=red]i[/color][color=magenta]a[/color], the first Tremulous 1.3 server in Europe that is based on the Swirl game mode, opened today. It is owned and operated by one of the co-founders of GrangerHub, [color=blue]*[/color][color=white]<[/color][color=0000FF]{[/color][color=red]d[/color][color=##00FF00]Gr8Lookin[/color][color=blue]Sparky[/color]. [color=blue]U[/color][color=cyan]n[/color][color=white]i[/color][color=cyan]trem[/color][color=red]i[/color][color=magenta]a[/color] is located in Frankfurt, Germany, and as is standard with 1.3 servers, you can connect to it using any client. At the moment its game play is the same as the [color=#00FF00]Granger[/color][color=cyan]Lab[/color] server, and will be updated as the swirl game play is further developed. It may be modded differently from the default Swirl mode from time to time. For information about [color=blue]U[/color][color=cyan]n[/color][color=white]i[/color][color=cyan]trem[/color][color=red]i[/color][color=magenta]a[/color] can be found on GrangerHub’s forums here: About Unitremia