The long awaited flying-cheese-concept™ [Title TBD]

Alright, the long awaited cheese-concept™…


Type: Alien unit
Stage: 1
HP:40 (Basic) 65 (Adv)
Role: Light airborne harassment
Cost:2 (Advanced version should probably cost 3)
Attack: Launches a stinger that deals damage [The advanced version has several globules of sticky, trapper-like spit.] There can be at most 3 stingers and 3 sticky spit (like dragoon barbs, although advanced version can hold 5 stingers) and they can regenerate slowly as well (also like dragoon barbs.) Both classes come with a slight “dash” ability, that allows it to fly (sort of like the spitfire concept,) although this one deals 0 damage. Staying in the air will gradually drag you back to hard ground, but the “Crouch/Wallwalk” button can be used to increase the speed of your descent.
Damage per hit: Stinger: 30, Spit: 5
Ammo Regeneration: Stinger: [TBA], Spit: [TBA]
Strategy: This class has extremely high mobility, so be sure to take advantage of that. Remember that a) this class has just enough HP at full health to survive a mass-driver attack, although the basic version will be left with 2 HP; b) human mass-drivers can predict how you’ll fall, so use “Crouch” to hasten your descent and confuse them. Although you may be frail, a skilled player should probably be able to make use of the combined usefulness of the stingers and the spit to take out any potential opposition. Use your stinger to “ping” faraway opponents so your dretches can OHKO humans if they get a headbite, and use spit to immobilize dangerous targets.

NOTES: -Poison-tipped barbs would be too broken, so I removed that.
-Please state what potential stats could be added/changed.
-Admins, please split this.


“Trapper-like”, in design or do they actually slow enemies?

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They slow enemies, making your team’s dretch attackers land their bites more easily.

By how much? As much as a trapper blob?

Definitely not, as that would be too overpowered. Instead, I’m thinking about around the same level as granger-spit. When I said trapper-like, I meant that the projectile was to be used trapper-style.

Sadly though, as I am not a developer, I can only go rambling on about my concepts and not actually put them to a good use. However if someone were to tell me how exactly custom units, weapons and buildables were added into the game, I could probably implement a patch/mod.

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As in balance terms or code terms? Code terms I bet it would be possible doesn’t granger blob poison humans upon using booster, and blobbing?

Rechargeable stingers upon going to the overmind? A new buildable/alien station capable of stationing the [PLACEHOLDER NAME] to regenerate HP and stingers.

What velocity or speed will the stingers shoot at? How accurate will they be?[quote=“Cheese, post:1, topic:3454”]
“Crouch/Wallwalk” button can be used to increase the speed of your descent.

The wall walking is replaced with the ability to re-ascend and prevent landing on the ground automatically?[quote=“Cheese, post:1, topic:3454”]
“ping” faraway opponents

Tagging opponents from far away for teammate dretches can seem to be a bit OP against the humans, as the dretches will have technically the ability to see through walls, will this have a timer?[quote=“Cheese, post:1, topic:3454”]
There can be at most 3 stingers and 3 sticky spit (like dragoon barbs, although advanced version can hold 5 stingers) and they can regenerate slowly as well (also like dragoon barbs.)

Will there be a new bind or a button that will allow you to transcend between the stingers and the sticky blobs or will it be in a row ex:
blobs = * stingers = >

I don’t see a melee attack here it would be useful if you ran out of stingers and blobs and had to get that final hit on that one human.


Balance terms. If barbs could be poisoned, you could effectively just poison+snipe, run away, repeat until the humans are dead.

Yeah, I’ve always thought of a “Supply-Depot” like buildable for the aliens, but as of now it really isn’t yet justified to add it to the game as we only have one projectile user (The advanced dragoon.)

The stingers will be shot at a high velocity (about as fast as a dragoon barb.) Unlike the dragoon barbs, they will not have any projectile falloff/deviation.

Yes, toggling wallwalk will instead allow you to “hover” in place. A new bind would probably have to be created for the alien to descend quickly.

Who ever said that the target would be marked for all aliens to see? I only implied that “sniping” the humans could technically weaken them enough for friendly dretches to deal enough damage to finish them off (The stinger should deal around 30 damage and a dretch’s bite is 96 if done properly.) If you think that they could possibly run away, making your hard work useless…

[spoiler]That’s why you have the spit globules :D[/spoiler]

Probably M1 would be used to launch stingers, and M3 would be used to launch spit. M2 would probably be reserved for the Air-Pounce-Dash™ I was talking about.

Perhaps the Air-Pounce-Dash™ could become simply a low-damage airpounce?

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Poll time! I’ve considered this concept, just don’t know a good name for it… what shall it be?

  • Haven
  • Loft
  • Tomb
  • Burrow
  • Pit
  • Cache
  • Ziggurat
  • Other (Please comment)
  • Forget about a new buildable and add supply functionality to the alien booster

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I saw in the code’s commit history once that aliens did use to have an “evo bank” buildable (this was before 1.1).


What exactly did this evo bank do? Or do you not have enough info?

Hmm, well looking more into it, it looks like it was just a buildable for you to deposit evos/credits into and to withdraw from (so a buildable that sorta took on the functionality of share/donate). Humans had one too. So it looks like it wasn’t an alien equivalent of an armory to “buy things” from like I initially thought.

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So it’s decided, according to my plans there will be a [Placeholder Buildable Name] used to regenerate either: a) at an increased rate or b) Instant regeneration of ammo by pressing “Q.” Units that can use this buildable are (as of 2/11/2016):
-The advgoon
-[Placeholder Name] concept
-The predator concept