The New Heath Degrading System

Hello :slight_smile:

I would like to talk about the new system, that causes your maximum health to degrade after taking damage. While yes, the system prevents camping, as @dGr8LookinSparky pointed out today, but it makes the only real strategy available the suicide rush. When I try to tactically approach an encampment, I can’t do anything with hit-and-run attacks, I degrade, and then die in one rifle shot. But when I just run and flail around, It suddenly gets me 10 evos. Probably the system needs some tuning, like a degradation bottom line, beyond the point of which you can’t go down.


Something else to note is that your max health does get fully restored if you evolve into an alien that costs you evos. I am considering the possibility of allowing the regaining of max health at the cost of evos, without having to evolve into another class.

Nanohit suggested that too, and I am considering that possibility. But before implementing that I’d like to see this current implementation in more matches.

That is one of the main purposes, also to address the problem that unlimited health regen makes it such that damaging the enemy can lead to little to no progress (although this is also a camping factor).

Another feature to consider in addition to the minimum cap to max health, is a bleed out point. In other words, if your health gets below a certain percentage, you experience bleed out, periodic damage (like poison) until your death. Besides also helping with reducing the camping factor, it allows for better finetuning of the damage of weapons, where you could adjust the damage by small amounts where deaths might still result from the same number of shots.

With any of these changes, we can (and have) increased the initial health of the classes allowing for the abilitiy to live longer in the short term to do more damage.

I would like to apply this same system to humans as well, unlimited health regen is a problem with humans too, where they often run back to their base after getting any damage. But we would also increase the initial base health of the humans (maybe 125 to 250, would have to see), and whatever value we find that works well, we could then normalize all the health points, armor points, damage points, and healing/repair rates such that the health of the humans would be back at 100.


I think this is a nice idea, if you can buy full health for some cost, o like it a lot. I would love to play with this implemented on both teams :slight_smile:


I think I might wait on implementing this for the humans until after Saturday’s dev games, but couple of additional related features that should be implemented for the humans in addition to this system:

  • Require the medkit to be purchased from the armory for some price, and not obtainable from the medistation (or alternatively, have it purchasable from the medistation if you activate the medistation with q). The GPP mod Edge had this feature.

  • Port over the biokit which would be an upgrade taking up the backpack slot and provides gradual healing while you wear it, also could provide an enhancement to stamina. TremX, KoRx, Cuboid, and Edge had this upgrade. (could perhaps have this purchasable from the medistation instead of from the armory).