Third team idea

Not one my best ideas, but I saw it in a dream, so not posting it would be a waste… The team should consist entirely of ducks who can’t do much damage by themselves, and instead rely on cheap tricks and deception. Here are the two classes I saw in the dream:

  • Strife duck - can turn invisible like a Basilisk and has the power to cause humans and their structures to attack other humans and structures.

  • Time duck - the model of the duck lags a few seconds before its actual position (like my time dretch proposal, but without retroactive damage calculation).

Both ducks looked the same, so that other teams can’t tell which class the duck belongs to until the duck actually uses its unique ability.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see their base, and what their means of dealing damage in late game are. Maybe they should be able to carry single-use items like sticky bombs, or water balloons filled with e.g. WD-40 or superglue?


Shouldn’t pecking be another means of attack, and they could lay eggs for spawning, but also have the option to drop the eggs while flying over a target to deal damage, and the yoke could jam up human buildabes?

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low-key want this, would be hilarious to have a bunch of ducks flying around in the middle of a battle, they should have eggs to fire and also s*** that functions like a trapper, and an egg nest for a base.

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