Thursday GrangerHub Development Games

For those who can’t attend the the Saturday GrangerHub Development Games, or who would like to participate in more development game, you can now also join us every Thursday for the GrangerHub Development Games to test new features, spectate people and record demos, and also just play around.

On Thursdays there will be one session, and the games begin at 23:00 UTC (6:00 PM EST, USA) on the [color=#33CC33]Granger[/color][color=#00E6E6]Lab[/color] server. All Tremulous clients can connect.
Everyone is invited. Be there!

You can check the start time of the games for your time zones at this link:


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is the luci fixed yet?

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Yes it was fixed Saturday night, and works great now. We just had to reduce the charge warning time appropriately and even the charge bar works now the way it is suppose to.

gj! ill be there saturday, unfortunately i don’t think thursday is doable for me :<

At today’s development games we have the following features available for testing:

  • Initial implementation of building stacking (building stacking is disabled during warmup, however).

  • further improvements to the Playmap subsystem.

  • improvements to the blocked by enemy creep/power warmup feature.

  • Nudging of teammates that block spawns.

There have been changes to the voting system including the algorithms, displays, and messages.

More information can be found at these posts:

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Testing at this coming Thursday GrangerHub Development games (January 7, 2016) will be primarily focused on the newly ported 1.1 vanilla game mode. More information will be posted shortly.

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Today’s dev games is going to be on the initial tests of the Vanilla Game Mode. IThe current change log for this game mode with detailed information and discussions can be found here: Vanilla Game Mode for Tremulous 1.3: Changelog

Currently, the build ghost (green translucent light, not red) in A or H (I only know H’s builder got problem, so maybe A’s builder also same as it) are missing, I don’t know it’s a bug or was been corrupted. ???:confused:???

Even Assault v6 are still have serious problem for server, it always annoying as said “Bad command byte” after loading it, I know Sparky was trying to fix it, but still didn’t find the reason bug and I tested with GrangerClub’s server and offline mode is nothing problem, so I hope he’ll do his own best. :wink:

That is a bug that both teams experience that is on the Vanilla Game Mode branch, Kreative is working on fixing it.

We didn’t get a chance to work on fixing that bug yet, but it is on the todo list, and should be fixed before the new qvm is ready for use as an active regular server.

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seems like sparky has to deal with LIFE™ so i’ll be hosting today’s dev games at 6pm Canadaland time this Thursday (June 30th)

we’ll be testing exciting new features such as:

  • stuff
  • things
  • ideas
  • really who cares

and you can bet nothing will be balanced. bring your friends. bring your family. ha ha ha im just kidding, neither of them play whats basically a glorified quake 3 mod of cops and robbers. just pretend your life problems and crushing loneliness doesn’t exist for a few hours and join a bunch of europeans (BRITISH TRAITORS NOT WELCOME)