THZ 5 Release OMG


Or something

This is a source code release, I’m working on a new better client in the meantime- but I want to make this available to anyone who wants to try hosting they’re own servers or building they’re own client’s.

I will keep this tree up-to-date with upstreams to the best of my ability.


  • 1.1 scoring + hovel
  • portal gun
  • smoke grenades
  • proximity nades
  • hovel, voice command menu’s (up-to-date, never before seen though longly awaited)
  • player model (an out of date version)
  • separate kill message feeder
  • Mass driver accellerated
  • crazy cool devemap commands /give way better
  • weapon drops + weapon pickups
  • a client-side only version of the range markers (better fps, but can disappear when buildable is out of view)

Additionally I’ve provided enough documentation regarding particle system (reformatted original); voice commands + some other stuff.

So you can hit my youtube channel or my flickr account and see some of the random fun junk I’ve added in action.

Note that this has yet to be built for distribution- you’ll have to build it yourself. It should be capable of playing on grangerhub, club, and test7341. You can also host servers with this, and the granger hub client could not connect to it (last tested);

Blowfish mods


Cool stuff Blowfish, always appreciate people autistic enough to spend their free time (AKA money) to make cool shit.

:thumbsup: :sunglasses: :thumbsup:

However I’m fairly certain GrangerHub was designed so that stuff like this would be shown off in it’s own section (connected to the main website) for showcase. Basically, I don’t think this qualifies to being stuck in offtopic, but I’ll wait for an OFFICIAL RESPONSE™ before I start moving anything.

May I assume this might be part of the reason why you made this thread under the offtopic (AKA non-public) section?

Where are the hacks?

  1. Install this mod.

  2. Boot up Tremulous. Open up the console.

  3. Type in /activatel33thax2compensateskillz

  4. Join GrangerPub and rek noobs.


Autistic :unamused:

Don’t know/care- Someone asked me about my codes yesterday so I pushed them finally; and here they are.

thats what programming is

you stare at whats basically an electronic lightbulb full of glyphs for hours trying to understand a language noone speaks

thats some alien shit right there, like some star trek level bullshit you got going on knowwhatimsayin’

Wrong, it’s just typing.

If you read the README, I apparently have some cheat protected stuff that used to not be.

Wrong, it is configuring machines to do THINGS™.

Including cg_thirdperson? :slight_smile:

It’s been such a while, and I didn’t document all the things- so there may be some things … err not sure if I scrubbed or not.

Wrong, that’s the devops job

SO DAT RELEASE - NO HAX? :yestroll:

After extensively testing the client, I’ve found it is able to connect to grangerhub servers and n_aim to still work in this version.


hmmm try cmd /i_bibber 1

When i try and load into a game it crashes and it said VM_Create on UI failed. See “/home/louie//.tremulous/betaserv/crashlog.txt” for details.

Help :question:

Hi IronClaw, a new version should be ready in a couple days which has a work-around for this issue.

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Thanks :smiley: