Tiny granger spawner buildable

this would be really funny to add to trem a buildable that allows tiny granger minions to follow around neerest alien to the spawner! it could act as granger just smaller and less hp!! this would be awesome!!! to have battle cpu granger at your side who shoots grangerbarbs and slices!!! :slight_smile:


Would these tiny grangers build anything? They are grangers, and building is suppose to be a fundamental property of a granger.

I actually like this idea the mini grangers would give some extra defense to the player who is the actual Granger from people shooting at it. Kind of like a granger shield. The buildable would protect you or give your granger a lil bit extra health Instead of poison like the booster does.

There is a similar thing in Natural Selection 2. You make a structure and it constantly spits out tiny aliens which attack the nearest human.

Mini grangers would be even more cute, I like this idea. ;3

yusss thanks guys for comments!!

I think they should be able to build decoys of actual things like fake tubes so humans shoot at them and get killed :smile:

Sure thing sun. Keep the idea’s coming. :smiley:

i will!

Tiny granger? I like the idea! How would these tiny grangers spawn?

By a tiny egg, of course!

lol so tiny grangers would spawn from tiny eggs. And where do these tiny eggs come from? Mama grangers perhaps? XD

So your granger papa hasn’t had that talk with you yet huh? When a mama granger and a papa granger love each other… they sometimes do stuff to each other … like for instance if the papa granger spits and the mama granger swallows, shortly after the mama granger will lay thousands of eggs which hatch cute little baby grangers.


Then after some times baby grangers become mama and papa grangers and do adult grangers stuff then mama granger will lay eggs which hatch cute little baby grangers. Then after some times baby grangers become mama and papa grangers, do adult granger stuff, lay eggs, baby grangers, yada yada yada.

Ah! The magnificent cycle of life! XD