Trem 1.3 for Linux 32 bit

Guys, my notebook crash and i have a linux pc now (Lubutnu 32 bits)
Trem 1.3 can work with it? 1gb ram and cpu sucks, but i played trem here and is not than bad. I just ask thx


Im newbie in Linux, so i can have a lot of problems etc etc

We defintiely plan to have 32 bit Linux support for 1.3 as soon as possible (the 64 bit version for Linux has been working fine for awhile). I believe @blowFish is working on an issue to get 32 bit Linux to work.


Ok sparky

pfft nevermind sparky, this pc sucks (not linux), the hardware. Delete this post please

Are you going to be getting another computer (64 bit) @Nicolas21550 ? We still plan on including support for 32 bit Linux, I don’t know when it will be ready though.


i don’t know

Nicolas pls get new pc

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I have