Trem Oiled Up .2

Trem oiled up would be an off the side game mode that would be fun!?

Being so “oiled” up it be great! allow humans to slide when they stop and then if they run and die they’ll slide across A.T.C.S! what fun!
If a dretch were to go across epic and jumping being all oiled up if he got mass driven he’d slide all the way to the other side with all the other aliens and humans

(Cron and Helper’s idea) :slight_smile:


*lights a match and throws it

It’s called ATCS on ice and it’s shit (atleast the outdoors)



Lets replace the floor texture to normal but keep the slide but also allow slide inside A.T.C.S buildings and use this texture?

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You missed the point: Ice hockey is not a fair game in Trem.

It would be if both aliens and humans were given hockey sticks, and there was a puck.

Actually not since wallwalking aliens can negate the effects of slippery surfaces.

i fucking saw that shit maejong, a bit slippy on your part

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The simple solution to that is to not have wallwalking aliens negate the slippery surface effect :slight_smile: .

Possible to disable wallwalk?

Yes that is possible, but it is also possible to change how wallwalk interacts with slippery surfaces.

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Seems like a fun idea!

Also a good fix to the unbalance or unfairness of aliens @MaeJong is to make it a human vs human game mode aswell

bleh, why not alien vs alien? I personally haven’t seen that in trem yet.


Dretch vs Dretch would be terrible. Not only does Dretch not take damage from aliens and not attack other aliens, it would also one shot other Dretches and could kill bigger aliens extremely quickly while being hard to hit. Basi also can’t grab other aliens, Mara can’t zap other aliens, Rant trample and Goon pounce don’t hurt other aliens, etc., and even if they did it wouldn’t be fun.

All of that can be changed/modified (including damage values).


But then it wouldn’t be Tremulous. The joy of human vs human is you get to tk and bleed your teammates and it’s just like if you did it in an actual game except you don’t get banned for it. I mean, if I really wanted a competitive human vs human game, I would just play CS:GO; other people could play Quake Live, or Overwatch, or any other FPS. If you alter the damage values and possibilities, it would just be “oh hey, wanna try a new FPS without any guns and with characters that don’t feel anything like the aliens you’re used to?” and the answer for me would be no.

  • Most of the fights would end extremely quickly due to high damage outputs
  • There is no radar to know where to find fights, and you could just run into an enemy that has auto-attack (dretch bite, goon in pounce) and just die.
  • Certain aliens would be completely non-viable.
  • It would be difficult or require a lot of work to make it possible to tell teams apart, and if it was free for all then spawn camping would be an issue as well as acquiring evos.
  • Due to aliens having close range attacks with strict limits on the range, unlagged would fuck over people in 1v1 situations with the same alien, since the higher ping player would have “more range”. For example two Dretches run at each other, and I think the higher ping player would win the fight or both would die.
  • Plenty of other reasons I don’t feel like writing out.

I can agree even more new things

h v h is not classical tremulous game play, doesn’t mean those aren’t fun mods. The Z mod was far from being classical tremulous game play (humans vs zombie bots), but that was a fun mod. I see no problem in changing damage values to accommodate and make more viable bigger changes in game play for a mod.

damage values can be changed

That can be changed

Specific alien classes could be altered, and/or specific classes can be removed, and/or new alien classes could be implemented.

The same problem can be said of h v h. New assets, or maybe even just tint different teams a different color can address that. Or perhaps even have an asymetry in the availability of different classes to the different teams.