Trem with the ioq3 gl2 renderer! pretty!

pulled from trem git, the new renderer is really pretty!! though the sun seems to be the only light that can produce shadows, so when you’re "inside* aka under the giant shadow created from the sun, no other lights will produce the same pretty shadow :frowning: but it runs really well too


Holy shit, thats crazy. Which git did you pull this from? Who is working on this?

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This is from the github trem repo. The new renderer will look even better with some new assets that utilize its more advanced features.

some more screenshots, made everything shiny!!!


Tremulous: oiled up edition.


DAT CKIT, this looks so fucking nice.

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I honestly think something happened inside my pants when i viewed these pics. Im so confused. Have I reached puberty?


Everything looks so wet tho

Exactly ;D

Not so much if there are specular texture maps used (there are none here in these screenshots)

Looks like shinytrem’s version as with those other models in the second half of the post starting from where the hud is modified. For your reference, R CZ uses shinytrem, and I think EDGE might have too.

yep!! i loaded superpies visual mod which contains shinytrem and other fun stuff.

What happens if you use cg_shadows “2” (the old “semi-realistic shadows” of the default quake 3 engine)

sorry for late reply, cg_shadows is deprecated and broken in the new renderer, attempting to use it produces some really ugly looking circular black disks around your character that spazz out. along with that, r_dlLight mode is also broken, which is needed in order for regular map lights to produce proper player shadows.

Report the problem to “” with luck and patience it may get fixed since Tremulous still appears to merge upstream occasionally.

there’s already a bug report 6003 – OpenGL2: Shadows aren't shown at all. though it seems pretty low priority atm, need more people interested in it being fixed.

I forgot to add but cg_shadows “2” in tremulous only worked with r_stencilbits “8” which may not be set by default.
Also check cg_shadows “3” and cg_shadows “4” (and whatever goes after it if available)

I’ve also seen success with the new gl2 renderer. This morning I’ve was identifying the problems with master server + game server introduced in the latest upstream code. Afterwards I played around on a few maps twiddling with various renderer and cgame cvars.

Find some neat shots of r_drawSunRays 1, plus other cvars that I don’t remember.

(*Note that the FPS is really slow, I believe this is due to r_ssao which does not make any noticable differences)


ATCS (+ HD Texture pack)


wow that’s really pretty!! i wasn’t aware the new renderer was capable of sunrays, that’s awesome!!!

any cvars to ramp the effect up even more?