Tremded for Android

Hi guys…

We all know, what setup own server for 24/7 is very hard…because host server in own PC for it work all time is too isn’t easy…Use vps’s is too bad for ppl what have $ 0 xD

So how about we make tremded and tremded gpp for Android?

i think it possible do…need make some Termnial…or app what using as terminal exemple this:

this i think very cool idea…and easyt method for run server ;p

I think it’d be easier and better performance wise to just buy a $50 junk PC and run it on there 24/7. Android might sound like a good server platform (quadcore processors, 4GB memory etc.) but in the end it’s still a mobile platform. I think you’d still get better performance on an old €50 P4 box.

Yes, running a server with the ‘mobile’ hardware specifications of an android concern me.

well my android is: 1 GB Ram, 2 Core Processor, 1.3 Ghz…

i think this good specs for run more that 4 servers in one divice xD

well i do not have $50…for me only FREE :((

so how make tremded to android? did i should do it via android studio?

btw “Mobile platform” isn’t problem…well i wanna run tremded in my old tavblet pc, what have root :stuck_out_tongue: