TremDroid HD GPP mod

TremDroid HD is a GPP mod, what based on EDGE/New EDGE sources

TremDroid HD have old “Yalt’s” EDGE atmosphere, but actually also New EDGE features too (Rocket Launcher, Lightinin Gun and etc)



Wheres the download?

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lmao…connect from gpp to TremDroid HD.

Now I know! :slight_smile:

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TDHD needs programmers!

Requirements for the position:

  • Should know C/C++
  • Should love to do annoying work (like Debug shitty code, etc)

If you’re a programmer, and have 2 moments, you should apply! - So OK :stuck_out_tongue:

How to Join to TDHD DevTeam:

What is TDHD?

Stands for TremDroid HD

Oh… I’m an idiot. Well I’m currently studying in computer science, so yes I’m a programmer. I program in python, but I could learn c/c++ (I’ll probably learn it this semester).

I’ve heard coding in C++ isn’t too difficult to pick up, assuming you have some prior coding knowledge.

Yea, every programming languages basically do the same stuff, just differently.

Hello, as you know, in summer 2015 in GPP is works server “TremDroid HD”, but he shutdowned, because damn Faphost free vpn (or how thats name, im seriously forgot, correct me xD ) is shutdowned, so im decided reopen it, now i can host them in my pc without additional file hoster, because my internet speed is 100 mbit/s, so this enought for ppl can download pk3 from my pc, so nomore needs, but that site gonna still works :slight_smile:

I must ask you for bunch of questions:

  1. You subscribed 100mbps for without any have job to payback your internet fee? Can you really support for monthly fee?

  2. Have you know that 2 differences are static IP and dynamic IP for making a host like server?

  3. Have you sure that you are using paid VPN? Why you choose free VPN?

  4. I’m still supported your TremDroid, but why you didn’t noticed for us before that recently shutdown?

Hope you understand. I’m sure you’re good to work it for Android system. :slight_smile:

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1.Im just changed my ISP, now my ISP isn’t bastarded company, which upload speed is 1mbit/s
2.Im now have STATIC ip
3.Im DO NOT USING ANY VPN (but im think…you asked about VPS…no, server gonna be in my PC)
4.Well i already said, what haphost is shutdowning, so my server too.

P.S TremDroid HD now have nothing with Android :slight_smile: just EDGE/New EDGE based mod
but…if in future Tremulous gonna be on Android, i’will port TDHD on it.

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Upload speed crapped. I suggest you to take SDSL, not ADSL. And again, who support to pay this internet fee? Or you?

Good! :thumbsup:

Well, you’re good job! But you need to find a very good teacher for teaching you how to manage server for your favorite game, this is my point. Also you need to know about TCP/UDP protocol difference and MUCH more about basic server.

Yup. Sorry about for me. I forgot to see your news.

Also you can use our mods instead New Edge because New Edge is down. Anyway, good luck for your success. :wink:


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What, you kidding ME?! 100 mbits upload speed is ENOUGH,
now im have bandwide or how this called internet, so nomore shit like xDSL


Lair! You said your upload speed is only 1 mbit/s… :confused:

MY OLD ISP IS PROVIDE ME 1 mbit/s upload speed, my CURRENT is 100 mbit/s

TremDroid HD server is gonna be relaunch in a few months!

Have Fun :slightly_smiling: