TremDroid HD Official 3rd TEST on Current Sunday (05.07.2015)

In this Sunday is 3rd tdhd test!

What have TremDroid HD?:

in main New Units, Weapons, Buildables :))

in Main, TremDroid HD have mixed Yalt’s EDGE+New EDGE+Some other mods

About time: same what test7341 game’s time

NOTE: TremDroid is for cool people only. If the server detects that you are not as cool as Freddie Mercury on ice, then you will enjoy your ban until you smoke pot with bugs bunny and screw the cheerleader captain after a wacky day of playing hooky from your highschool mid-term as the principle chases you down to generic 90’s laugh tracks.

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Actually No…server do not detect, cool guys, he detect cool internet speed xD actually this true…pk3 size of TremDroid HD is 125 mb…so if u have internet 6 kb/s - u are isn’t cool xD