Trem'on: The Pokemon for Tremulous! (and ns2 and other shit maybe)

I got bored and spent 4 hours on this somehow: Random Ideas - ZdrytchX's {Reference Webpage

and that’s only some of it

Maybe I should get back into game maker or start RPG maker for this shit?

Nice! Will this be for the phone when its done? I’d play it :smiley:

Why not do it as a trem mod? :slight_smile:

What if someone goes afk? (turn based!)

But I guess I could try… I don’t have the time to do coding now though.

Online strategic pokemon games and other turn by turn RPGs usually have a turn timer. Pokemon strategy software has 5 minutes timeouts usually. If it goes out, you lose by forfeit. Note that it will start depleting itself after a certain time in a turn. The 5 minutes are a reserve.


You have 5 minutes left.
You spend 35 seconds on your turn but after 30 seconds it starts using up your stock.
You now have 4:55 mins left.

Oh so you mean like professional championship chess: You can’t spend too much time thinking because you only have so much in your “time bank”

And they usually say, “pics or didn’t happen”

I’m currently trying to figure out how to rename moves n stuff. Some of the names that I rename don’t go through

Current starters are:
spinerak (rival chooses machop, dark moves like bite aren’t as effective on machop)
swinub (rival chooses spinerak - also the name swinub was mispelt as sniwub in one of the hacking tools funnily enough. Swinub is kinda tanky but does little damage, though with some incaccuracy, can dish out a slam that does a LOT of damage. Kinda weak to poison or dark or something, i gotta check)
Machop (rival chooses swinub, some of machop’s electric moves don’t work on swinub… Machop sacrifices accuracy for damage)

Swinub has a shit double type, it has x2 weakness to fire, fight, water, plant, steel, it has shit stats and a mediocre movepool (but I assume you don’t give a shit about the movepool since you’re hacking them)
Spinarak is a shit pokemon, it has shit types, shit stats and a shit movepool
Machop is gr8 stat wise and movepool wise but picking it as a starter against a spinarak is countering yourself (fighting /2 against poison AND /2 against bug type so /4) its 3rd evolution is amazing in high level strategy (atleast in 386 and 493 modes, idfk about more recent shit)

Ground type is immune to electricity, poison is weak (/2) against ground, and dark is /2 against fighting type (machop)


I modified it so it isn’t the regular swinub

Oh. If you’re interested in pokemon rom hacks, I can probably give a hand. Got a bunch of experience in that domain.

Type weaknesses & strengths (2nd to 5th gens)

Ooh, sweet. If I didn’t misunderstand,

Does this imply you actually have done this before? This is my first time dealing with pokemon hacks.

Tbh I haven’t gathered all the tools I require to make Poketrem.

Currently the hacking tools I have:

  1. Move editor (lacks renaming capability or creating new special functions, but it can set damage power coefficient, type, and premade special effects like poison, though some of the effects are restricted, for example I can’t deal damage in the attacking turn with perfect-poison attacks like poison gas)

  2. Map editor (fucking buggy as hell and doesn’t work all the time for some reason, though its interface is very user friendly)

  3. PkMn Level-up move learning and evolution (Doesn’t allow me to let for example, fix Ratatta’s problem of not being able to use cut while Oddish can, though at least I can evolve Spinerak into a Tyrannatar and give Machop a flamethrower)

  4. PkMart shop items (no price editing unfortunately, only just “you can buy this bicycle here” kind of shit)

  5. PkMn stat editor (Base stats, double types, and potential item included when caught such as a fucking bicycle or a moomilk)

  6. Leader PkMn editor (Allows me to give Falkner, the first bug gym leader, a level 99 metapod with nightshade)

  7. Hex Editor (Better not shit the program because I need to know which line represents which, because the game code is probably written in some japanese language no one really has gone around to creating a source-code editor for PkMn afaik, though it shouldn’t be entirely impossible because this guy is currently making a game called Lizard for the NES and japanese people are still making simply music videos for the gameboy)

  8. Sprite Editor (open world human sprites like Blue, Mr. Pokemon etc. - Pokemon excluded)

  9. Text editor - Modifies chat system - You can’t reduce the number of chat sentences though due to the hardcoded event system. All this has done to me is break my ROM so I haven’t touched it since I downloaded it

What I still need:

  1. Combat Sprite editor (I currently can only edit sprites of the user, so Spinerak doesn’t look like a Dretch yet

  2. Event system editor (so I can make the intro a lot fucking quicker because by default there are like 50 A button presses plus setting the clock before you can get your first pokemon. There has to be one out there because some guy remade pokemon emerald in the crystal sprite system. Note that Crystal and Gold aren’t quite compatible, since crystal has a lot of “fixes” and sprite differences to Gold. My current ROM is based off Gold however, because many hacking tools out there are incompatible with Crystal)

  3. GB Soundfont Editor (Despite the name of “Soundfont” - Nintendo music files are just called that these days. In case you didn’t know yet, I remade CLANNAD’s opening for the nintendo entertainment system, so it shouldn’t be that hard to adapt tremulous music for the gameboy, though I just need a way to extract the GB soundfont file and import my files into it and import it into the ROM after)

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Yes, R/S/E/FR/LG hacks, not other versions. (3rd gen)

Normally, with any regular sprite editor, as long as you have the right offset, you can edit any sprite in the game.

This is done through hex editing and scripting. (XSE, iirc). Then, the script offset needs to be associated to a character or a sign entity, or a ‘‘walk-on’’ script entity, or an on-map-entrance script.

I am clueless as far as sound stuff goes.

I do have experience in scripting, mapping, and fucking with sprites/tilesets.

This is better done through XSE and advancemap afaik.

A lot of the stuff you talked about (mart stuff, etc.) are better done totally manually via hex/scripting.


To get the offset of a script, you simply have to check the entity you want to edit in the map editor. Uh I should’ve said you actually associate the script editor to the map editor so double-clicking an entity should open the script directly… you might want to get documentation on how this shit works because it’s messy as hell and headache material. (And honestly, just thinking about having to explain it is giving me cold sweats.)

Also as far as multiplayer goes for hack-roms… I’ve never had the occasion to test but it might be fucking tricky.

Seems like I need a different sprite editor then

XSE is for Gen 3 only

I’m not experienced in hex editing at all, I’ve only ever had to use a hex editor like three times in my life. I don’t want to seriously fuck up the game, but I guess I could leave that to you :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’m fucked

protip: use a fire red rom, easiest to mod

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I know less about the first gen series than second gen because I never played it through. The only pokemon games I’ve actually played through to the end are emerald and gold, so perhaps Emerald might be an easier choice…

Also In regards to sprite editors: Every other alternative from here requires some file that windows 10 doesn’t support or something.

Emerald’s intro is a bitch to get rid of AFAIR (the tool tends to be bitchy as fuck), firered is sensibly the same since you can always change spawns and stuff to get the 2nd gen instead of the 1st gen (fire red is 386 not 151 - same as emerald (minus pokemon sprite animation in combat & some special abilities not doing stuff outside of combat like reducing footstep counter for egg hatching)).

Tools for 3rd gen rom hacking
Tool to get rid of emerald’s intro properly (not just a g4y warp)

Note: a bunch of R/S/E musics are actually G4Y. Fire red has slightly better ones (but clearly, 2nd gen master race for musics & everything else #nostalgia).

I do a bit of smogon (