Tremship Suggestion

Okay I’m pretty sure everyone knows this map tremship. Most people I know hate this map but it’s still a classic shit map to play.
But anyway one of the biggest flaws is that humans have no helmet or battlesuits at all but aliens get rants and advanced dragoons. I get the whole point is surviving the map till ship arrives but, I still think this is a huge disadvantage and it would be awesome if the map was re-coded to enable helmet and battlesuits.
Of course the other option would be to have the ship come earlier at maybe 15:00 instead of 25:00.

of course the condition for either of the above is for aliens to have usable siege weapons, like a couple of artillery cannon emplacements.

We need to get the .map file to do that. I’m strictly against decompiling maps without the creator’s authorization. Imo, mission maps shouldn’t even be on a regular public server.

I’m not sure whether whoever made that map provided the source map file in the pk3 though.

Another option is to make a similar map from scratch.


This would make it completely unwinnable for aliens.


Unless helmets were x10 in price for that map alone.
The humans required many more kills to stage up compared.
maybe helmets set to s3 as well.
Idk just odd suggestions

Requires modding QVM. Also 900 creds/helm is a bit excessive.



@Truck Well give this version a try:
map-tremshiptroop-b3_hacked.pk3 =
Helmet enabled. Use at your own risk :wink:


Thanks Matth!

Maybe adding some sort cannon or mortar for humans that shoot in the open desert area or whatever that has a certain splash radius. Have it shoot luci balls or something. Just an idea


It would be possible and pretty easy to mimic a cannon using harm zones actually…


One day it should be tested.

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