Tremulous Bots

Hello, I have two bot-related requests.

1.Does anyone know any fairly advanced bots for tremulous (in the public domain and downloadable) as of now?

2.Additionally, I heard there was a bot mod called the “Alien Invasion” bots. Virus told me that they in fact build randomly, however they also told me that are no download links as of yet. (In other words, Virus told me about this mod, however they only saw it in a video and does not know of any download links.) Does anyone know where to find this?


There are a few bot versions out there. There are downloadable versions. However I do not know how advanced it is.

Where exactly can I find them?

Here is the mod used previously by the gpp server BotsCamp. GlobalWarming was the primary developer of that mod, I believe it started as a fork of another Trem mod. I did help out with the design of a lot of the algorithms for BotsCamp. It kinda makes use of some swarm intelligence, Where the more bots there are on a given team, the smarter they become. Although we never got around to implementing builder bots in this mod.

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I might have to make use of this one day haha


Yes, I noticed with the Globalwarming bots, I tried with two four bot teams… man they were real dumb.