Tremulous Brightness Reset Issue

Tremulous keeps resetting my brightness settings on launch and it’s starting to piss me off.

I’m running Tremfusion on Windows 7 64bit (After Trem kept giving my issues on Win10)

Set /r_ignorehwgamma 1 and then do a vid_restart. Use the control panel for your video card to adjust brightness if needed.

I prefer not to rape my current brightness settings for the benefit of one game. Anything higher than what I have now will look like I spilled milk over my monitor.

I tried autoexec and Tremulous refuses to save my changes.


I’ll explain what I did in case someone else finds this useful. I decided to create a “autoexec.cfg” out of a notepad document, stuck it into the Tremulous/base folder and used the following commands:

seta r_mode -1 seta r_customwidth 1400 seta r_customheight 1050 seta cg_fov 90 seta com_maxfps 60 bind l "seta r_gamma 1.0; wait 10; seta r_gamma 1.15" vid_restart

Just to be sure, I did a “exec autoexec.cfg” in the Tremulous console and voila, now all I gotta do is hit the “L” key in a match as a bandaid solution to this dinosaur of a client. We need some new codez for this bullshit man, it really does feel like 2008 over here. :quake: