Tremulous for mobile devices

I was just curious, but is there the possibility of running tremulous on a mobile device? [iOS/Android]

(Don’t give some junk response about mobile filesystems not being accessible, I am assuming you have root/jailbreak access to the device.

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I actually agree, I much prefer android > apple.

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anyway, @NewSource was attempting to put tremulous on android. I’ve not heard of any similar efforts for iOS


Yes, I just found that HERE, but looks like it didn’t turn out too well… ViruS there had a stunning 17 fps with a discoloured screen. I know for sure that running trem 1.0.2 works on mobile (See this and this. Really, is there a big difference between trem 1.1.0 and trem 1.0.2?
If not, we could consider making an 1.0.2 for GrangerHub mobile :smile:

P.S: the only possible problem would be that mobile controls are hard to use. If you don’t know what I mean, just try to play blitz brigade.

EDIT: I’ve tried running tremulous quake edition (<1.1.0) on my computer. As you might know, the 1.0.0 stock maps look terrible as they lack many textures, etc… so I decided to try an experiment. I wanted to see if vanilla tremulous maps would work on a quaketrem server. Therefore I tried many maps such as atcs-1.1.0, niveus-1.1.0 and even mission_one_b7. Mission one, especially, worked like a charm! The only drawback is that many of the graphics are of a lower resolution. As you can tell, we are not very far away from GrangerHubMobile being a very real thing. If someone could host a quake3 server with the tremulous 1.0.2 mod installed, and we created a guide on the forums…

We could take tremulous to a whole new level.

(The only thing I think we lack are server administration tools. Either we’ll need to: 1.Get some devs to port slackerqvm to 1.0.2… 2.Port standalone tremulous to mobile, and entirely eliminate the need for a separate mobile server. 3.Use openarena administration softwares [not sure if they’ll work.] 4. Make it a casual server with no administration whatsoever, afterall there’s actually no reason to cheat. I believe option two is not going to work, as @NewSource tried that a year ago and ViruS reported 17fps and discolouring of the game.)

Android :slight_smile:

This is certainly an interesting idea, but I have no experience running a server whatsoever…
I’ll think about it

Quake III: Arena (QIII4A to be specific) runs at stable 60 FPS on my Galaxy S III. The hardware is certainly capable of running Tremulous, the problem is the retarded software. You’d have to wrap the entire game with some bullshit Java code. Oh, also mice won’t work without root access (at least it doesn’t in QIII4A).

Conclusion: fuck Android and fuck Google for not making a normal and usable Linux distro (with phone UI) instead.


Have you tried USB On-The-Go?

Or, you could use openarena with the last nonstandalone tremulous - v1.0.2 run as a mod.

Yes, but the mouse won’t work as you’d expect it to in a first person shooter unless you have a rooted phone. It’s some sort of weird Android limitation.

It’s so outdated it’s unusable.

How is it outdated? From what I see, not much of a difference.

Compare cg_public.h, g_public.h and ui_public.h from 1.0.x to 1.1.x and 1.2.x. There is also the sharedEntity_t et. al. networked stuff that is important.


Can you just give me the important stuff in a nutshell? I’m not a developer like you…

^^ previous post is basically a nutshell

OHHHH… the text files mostly state that 1.0.2 is “just a snapshot…”
is that what you mean?

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