Tremulous for Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is the future, it’s time to leave the past behind.

There’s ioquake3 port to HTML5:


I have tried quakejs a few months ago briefly. I’m not sure if the quality of my computer had something to do with it, but it was super slow for me, with a frame rate of about a few frames per second. I’ll try it again when I get a new computer soon. Perhaps others with newer better computers can try out quakejs and post details about their experiences here.

Runs at a silky smooth filmic cinematic 2 frames per second on my Pentium 3 rig from 2001 that ran Quake 3 Arena at 90FPS.

This is it. This is the future of videogames. Now kids can watch Pewdiepie and play Quake 3 in their browsers.

                            introduction of Web 3.0
                          /    we r here
                         |    /
timeline: >--------------*---*---------->
           \            ||             /
            \          /  \           /
             |  past  |    | future, |
             | (to be |    | aka.    |
             |  left  |    | Web 3.0 |
             | behind)|    |         |

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This veeeeeeery shit idea because:

  • PC gonna be CPU Load 100%+LAG+MORESHIT
  • Uselles shit, coz you can easy downlaod trem, install and play it.

Hell, the process if getting these 3D browser games to run is basically a jumbled mess of what you needed to do to install a game anyways. Atleast Flash games had the advantage of being way smaller than the ones you needed to install off the CD.