Tremulous good base spots (Post your ideas/experiments)

So, i wanted to make a thread just like this for a long time ago, but i never had the chance, (I think for procastinating) anyhow, i Will post some of the pics of the maps I experimented on (only two) and hopefully you can post your ideas and make this post BIGGER!!

Anyways, post feedback, opinions and stuff :smiley:
This is on Gloom2Beta2 close to human base default:
And this is on transit, Box room aswell close to human default

As you can see i tried to make the base so that for the aliens, could be a lot difficult to destroy human base, on the transit level was practically imposible to tyrants make damage, basically the ones that only could were ADV Dragoons, but yeah, thanks and hope to see this with a lot of ideas!!

Sorry for my bad english :confused:

Your English is fine, is this 1.1 or 1.2 building?

I like the base locations but the turret placement is weird if 1.1.

Wouldn’t the same base, one floor higher be better? (first one)

This is on gpp 1.2 tremulous client, i dont know if you can build in that way on 1.1 :confused:

I thought about the tyrant, and i decided to make it below, we can change always to make it better though :smile:

Base on Gloom isn’t so good because the first ret from the door is easy to kill and then no arm-no medi gg.

That base on Transit is always so and so, there are many good thing and many bad thing.

Normally best bases for humans are into a room where there is only 1 door or in a long corridor.

What bad things are on the base location on Transit??

Ledge near pit close to H base in transit is OP

Good thing:

  • Tyrs can’t reach it
  • Difficult to snipe

Bad thing:

  • You need to build an arm and medi under OR every human need a jetpack OR every human have to jump to get in base (so not easy get fastly medi and arm)
  • Rets are difficult to build because there isn’t much space and a Goon alone can destroy 2/3 rets

Which server did you take those screenshots on? Even though you might be using the gpp client on GrangerPub and/or on GrangerClub, those two servers have 1.1 vanilla game play.

i took them from grangerpub

Base number 1

Base number 2

Both are professional bases, only used by the most MLG tremulous players.

I think 2 rets are misplaced on #1. Their position is EXTREMELY important in order to make this base work fully.

The one near ledge, against the wall. That or the other 2 ones are a bit too forward.
The 3rd ret from the right, not too sure though.

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I was taught to build bases like this by super ancient shaolin egyptian ninjas. Only a very few ppl in the world have been transmitted this knowledge.

This is a base of excellent quality. It is so good it forces everyone to jetpack:

You can see every buildable is stacked on top of eachother. This is another great strategy the ninjas used to call TETRIS B1LD:

Team is happy with the base at u kan c. I mean who wouldn’t be. It is a perfect 10/10.
We lost though because of adv tyrants timewarping their way to our RC. Pity hacking shits.

The base is missing a few rets. Sadly, even super builder ninjas of doom can’t contest sudden death.

Another jetcamping jetpacking base - this time on Karith. I have used it before with the pro clam AIRFORCE| and it works very well.

Oh yes I remember them I think I have a screenshot somewhere let me check

Very good base yes I agree
Those are good bait telenodes sir.

Good to know that this thread is up and running, keep it coming guys!! THE GOOD STUFF!

Never thought of that epic transit base.

@Jaroth: Tip: type /cg_tut and press tab, and press 0. Press enter. It gets rid of that “how to play tremulous” “what do your keys do”

By the way, anyone got irregularly good spots for alien bases in the uncommon maps (e.g. Station15, uncreation etc. )? Aliens don’t really have good spots in many tremulous maps due to how weak their structures and damage dealing are, and the lack of good support walls for the usage of trappers. However you can improvise: Floor trappers can be useful in water. They help drown out humans without the need for acid tubes but can be easily destroyed by well… grenades and lucifer cannon.

Humans asked for my help again, they just absolutely need my incredible knowledge of master Kin Pong’s building tactics. I was illuminated by the ancient ninja masters’ grace tonight. I foresaw this majestic base in one of my dreams and materialized it out of thin air:

You can see I am becoming a true master myself at TETRIS B1LD methods:

You can see the benediction of master Jeng Pen being laid upon the human team, as they all start grabbing jetpacks:

We won. I knew we would be led to victory by the great shaolin building masters of d00m. They told me I would be able to stop hacking advanced timewarping tyrants by building teslas, and they were right!