Tremulous Title Screen ideas

To continue a very important conversation that @lamefun brought up in another thread, we need an awesome new title screen for the game. Something that captures the spirit of Trem in an awe inspiring way. This is what we currently have in the game:

This is a mock-up made by @lamefun :

I should add that we can include actual models (and probably can even have them animated) in the title screen, the planet in the current title screen used by Trem is actually a model. We could even use the player and/or buildable models, and as those specific assets improve, so would the title screen.


Well, I always thought Unvanquished had the best idea for the title screen, and they threw it away… here’s one of the mock-ups that I made using Blender and a NASA nebula to try to show the devs how good this idea could have been… please use this idea for Tremulous, Unvanquished devs used to think like mice too…


While I do agree that we should have a new and more better title screen, the current mock up™ title screen there looks almost like a copy / not a copy of the Unvanquished one which in my opinion, I do not like. We should make our own one or at least, a new design, I do like the idea of the space and perhaps aliens and the humans as well. That kind of looks like a carbon copy and yes, I am ware it is a "mock up"™. :slight_smile:

To be fair, lamefun did make that specific mockup for Unv.

@lamefun , would you be interested in making a/some new original mock-up(s) specifically for Trem that would look distinguished from Unv?

Perhaps if the “foreground surface” was the surface of a planet, or the inside of a spacecraft.

Here are some screenshots I took for some potential inspiration:

From the map “UTCSUD 1.3” by Matth aka yalt:

From the map “star atcs” by Matth aka yalt:

From the map “Tremor 2016” by Matth aka yalt:

From the map “Station 15” by supertanker:

From the map “Nebula” by Jockum Skoglund aka hipshot:


Generally we may want to have the title screen subtitle show off the fundemental aspects that makes Trem the game it is.

  • Aliens vs tech humans
  • Space?
  • Building/Strategy
  • Wall Walking (something that experience trem players may take for granted, but that not many games have, and has often been indicated as an attraction to the game).
  • Maybe team cooperation (so we may want to show multiple humans and multiple aliens)?
  • Action packed

Where as these are all good ideas, it would be interesting to see a moving background, such as the title screen on half-life 2 (If you’ve played it you’ll know what i mean.) . Thing that could be happening could be having a human gunning down a dretch, people walking, goons pouncing, etc. This would give a “higher tech” impression while also giving a better idea of what to expect of the game.