Tremulous tracks how much time you spent

Because opinions like these:

Need to be proven wrong. Of course people will probably find a way to cheat the system, but having SOME in-game functionality to show that you’ve wasted an abhorrent amount of time on a shitty Quake 3 mod will tickle my e-peen to great lengths.

Maybe have it not only count the total but also per-server would be cool too. External applications do this too, but Steam doesn’t count across different PCs and Xfire is dead like my hopes and dreams.

Thank me later.

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This is truly the future of video games. What a time to be alive.

Fuck you, I intend to fully disobey the statement you have made and uphold my own will for discussion on the internet.

Thanks bae :sunglasses:

The problem with GameTracker is it goes by in-game name, not by GUID. Any time spent under another name does not count; that’s why bird isn’t the top player by time played even though he’s addicted to Tremulous. (Kidding.) If Sparky would implement TremStats like I requested multiple months ago, we would have much more than just statistics about how much time people spend playing Tremulous.

Since Sparky seems incapable of using Google and finding TremStats himself, I have decided to link for him here the SECOND Google result when searching for TremStats. However, that’s the version of TremStats for GPP. So, I took it upon myself to e-mail DASPRiD, the creator of TremStats for 1.1, to see if he has the files for that or knows how to adapt TremStats Too for a 1.1 server. Either way, it’s obvious Sparky doesn’t give a shit about actual statistics, because he knows the majority of the silly reasons he gives for his decisions would be invalid if the playerbase could analyze data and factually disprove his arguments.

Why don’t you go ahead and setup the server, and adapt the QVM code so that it doesnot rely on and show him how easy it is?

Quality posts my man, I’m sure these hot opinions will convince Sparky of the error of his ways as he bends the knee for your grace and mercy.

Surely no drama will come up in this discussion that will cloud the point you are trying to make.


On the contrary, I’m looking forward to having reliable statistics publicly available by the GrangerTracker that will help players, clans, server owners, and developers get helpful & reliable information to make good decisions regarding the game and community. But thanks for the link, it will be a good reference for improving upon the GrangerTracker.

Yet another project by the GrangerHub team which there is no proof it even exists, let alone any reason to believe it will ever be finished. You told me you were making it 6 months ago. How far along is it? Why is it taking so long? Why have you not implemented TremStats temporarily in the meantime? And, as Hendrich so helpfully pointed out:

Why are you avoiding the point? So far, in the entire history of GrangerHub, the only thing GrangerHub has actually accomplished for this community is hosting a dual-protocol server for people to play on. And the only reason people play on it in favor of other servers is because no 1.1 or GPP server can fight against a server which can draw in players from both.


TOP 10 PLAYERS (Online & Offline)
Rank Name Score Time Played
10. Fk|Ckit. 11774 136.12 hr

Where you at hendrich?

And there it is. You refuse to answer my questions, and refuse to give any explanation as to why.

The accurate question is when.

And that was 2009.

RIP Powa

I’ve been playing since 2006 and many players can vouch for that.

Try 2005 kiddo.

To be fair Quake 3 Tremulous was basically the least pleasant thing I ever had to do.

And yet nobody knows who the fuck you are, don’t sit there and pretend you play on this server more than me. How about you give me a name and I will log on and ask if anyone on the server even knows who you are.

You begun on this project long before I and yet your time spent here isn’t even a third of mine.

You mean people who are still around? Powa, Einstein, Snake, Google, MurdVih, Lexton, DarkShadow are all gone. In fact I think the oldest friend I have who is still around is Cron, which is sad because it felt like I met him recently. Time flies. Its like they’re all still there. You feel it too, don’t you?

Sorry, what? You mean GrangerPub? Sorry, but I never did. What I’m implying is all the time I spent on Tremulous as a whole since 2005.

Besides, the best server ever made was Google’s.

I actually played on google server briefly back when he was making the QVM and it had like 4 slots.

How you think you could possibly know how I have been spending my time for the past 10 years is concerning. You have no idea how often I play.

Look at my quote “I PLAY it considerably more than you” PLAY not PLAYED, meaning I am aware of the current games state of affairs, even if a game goes unchanged it evolves. The players change, new maps get updated.

You felt the need to attack me and flaunt your e-penis on the fact you worked on this game and have been around for so long.

Don’t act like it’s me who misunderstood, you started this and completely butchered the interpretation of my words.

Its at this point it seems like the thread is derailing because of the issue between you and me.

I may act and behave incendiary, but I didn’t intend for the quote I took at the top of this thread to be a personal attack on your character. Clearly that intention is not relevant anymore as it seems that it’s effect has antagonized you.

You are correct and I apologize for not having the reading comprehension to understand past-tense. When I read your post, I believed it was in total and not recently.

In that case, lets end it. If you want to talk further, I invite you to PM me. I’m not keen on turning this thread to be more unpleasant than it already is.

DASPRiD got back to me. Here’s the latest build of TremStats for 1.1:


Cough Cough