Tremulous v1.3.0-alpha.0.7 Includes Improvements to the Installation

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Tremulous v1.3.0-alpha.0.7 is now available for download. This release includes improvements to the installation process where all the default assets are packaged with the release, and the bootstrapping process is removed, so that once the release is downloaded and unzipped, you can open the Tremulous client and get to playing on servers right away without delays nor issues. RSA key generation (which was part of the bootstrapping process and would usually take a few minutes to complete) has also been disabled for now until its process and user interface are improved. The latest release can be downloaded from here: .


Works great :slight_smile:

Edit: There is something wrong with qkey i think, when i join server next day its like qkey got changed and i am unnamed somehow.


me try instal on windows 10 but get signal 11 every opening so me try allow admn right but antivir go crazy what shit this

say malware-gen and Alcra.F

what fuck??

excuse english me singapore

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Hmm, from the Installation are you positive? There is not a single virus coded into any of the 1.3 we’d need to see some proof first a few screen shots might help things. :slight_smile:


====Translate to correction English====

I tried to install it on Windows 10, but when I tried to open with administrator, I got an error message that came from antivirus as going crazy:

malware-gen and Alcra.F


Sorry for my English, I’m from Singapore.

====My answers====
You should not to start or turn off your antivirus before opening those programs because our Tremulous are not malware, it just had misunderstanding or mistake report for it.

[color=red]Edited:[/color] You can write a program name for excluded programs to prevent AV caused as warning.

Disabling antivirus software is not a solution for suspected false positives: it is a workaround. The correct way to address the issue is to diagnose the problem and correct the software fault that is causing AV software to alarm.

AV software can be likened to smoke detectors; they are both protective devices, and they both occasionally give false positives. Disabling them because of this, however, is both incredibly stupid and needlessly dangerous.


Yup. You have a half of logic are correct.

Mostly AV had detected .exe, .bat and .ini as malware, trojan or virus. But people said some batch file or other format type are not a specific virus, like I made shortcut launcher for batch file are harmless. So I recorded excluded programs in AV instead turning off AV. :slight_smile:

Huh? :sweat:

This is for depend how people are likely to turn off or record excluded programs as well. That’s neither positives nor negatives, it’s totally unconfirmed. Well, liked I already said, it’s only choice for yourself.

However, one of the most popular used are Kaspersky, they can provide to disinfect those had been infected virus, malware or trojan files/programs for good services. That mostly for free version. [spoiler](Actually I didn’t used it, only confirmed that it was better.)[/spoiler]

@Toad , which antivirus software did you use? Also a screenshot can be helpful. Did you use the the released binaries from the .zip for Windows (this is the correct version for Windows: , the other two are for Mac or Linux), or did you build from the code?

From our tests so far, the installation of the latest version worked fine on Windows (as well as on Linux and Mac) with no segmentation faults (signal 11), and this is the first time anyone has reported a possible false positive detection by antivirus software for one of our alpha releases, so it will be helpful if you were to answer the questions above, and we see if we can address any issues that you may be encountering.

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I am a windows user and here is what any of my scans say:

Note this is using VirusTotal:


Perhaps a different antivirus program will yield different results. Also if he used the Linux version or the Mac version on Windows, perhaps odd behaviour may result in that regard (I haven’t tried those versions on Windows though, I primarily use Linux).


Yeah this is true, I am mostly just showing the brick standard basics just for windows. :slight_smile: